The Black Presidency .... Part 2

Michael Eric Dyson on The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America



____________________________________________Amy Goodman: I mean, President Obama electrified the thousands who packed in at the College of Charleston. We were there. And, I mean, I don’t know about Dylann Roof, but he clearly, Dylann, began to blow the roof off the Confederacy, right? I mean, the South Carolina flag came home, and then President Obama, delivering this eulogy, broke into song.

President Barack Obama: Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
 That saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found,

 Was blind, but now, I see.

 Clementa Pinckney found that grace.
Cynthia Hurd found that grace.
Susie Jackson found that grace.
Ethel Lance found that grace.
 DePayne Middleton-Doctor found that grace.
 Tywanza Sanders found that grace.
Daniel L. Simmons Sr. found that grace.
 Sharonda Coleman-Singleton found that grace.
 Myra Thompson found that grace.

Amy Goodman: President Obama giving the eulogy in Charleston after the mass killing at the Mother Emanuel Church. The significance of this moment, Michael Eric Dyson?

 Michael Eric Dyson:

 It was an epic moment in American political history, where the president literally becomes the

preacher to the nation, speaks to them out of the depth of his faith—the faith that 54 percent of the

Republicans don’t believe he possesses. But it’s beyond a Christian understanding of the world. It’s for

anybody who understands spirit, beyond religious bigotry and tribalism, to understand our connection

to each other. And he evoked the best of American ideals. He spoke about black people with empathy

and pride and love. He was at his best when he was at his blackest, which has often not been the case.

And ultimately, he offered the nation the majestic beauty of grace that black people have evoked in their

lives from the beginning of our sojourn here. It was—it was a remarkable moment.

__________________________________ Transcript here .

he Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America"

Michael Eric Dyson on "The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America" ______________________________________


O my Pierre~


this has altered within the monster ., okay remove your face off.

not for real
but reel

O felix where are thou? Now in seeming gleam?\

__________________ Felix writes to Communism. We must many the stilling serving side!




REAL LIVE ONLINE part of First Look copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum

An exhibition-performance which details the dangers of online relationships ___ virtual versus actual . 

Real pain brought on by imaginary and virtual connections?

This online exhibition features performances that use the web as a platform for political and artistic experimentation.

“Real Live Online” is a web-based exhibition that brings together new works of live and documented net performance by eight artists and collectives. The exhibition begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, December 21, 2015, with IDPW’s twenty-four-hour live-streamed participatory sleepover Internet Bedroom. New works will be presented on an ongoing basis through January 21, 2016.

 remote intimacies: Not-Delivered(!).jpg, shawné michaelain holloway, 2014.​Courtesy the artist.


The exhibition considers performance as an expansive category that includes many aspects of everyday internet usage, from live-streaming gameplay to online relationships. In some cases, the featured works highlight the political and economic inequalities at play in these practices, such as João Enxuto and Erica Love’s Waiting for the Internet (2015), which surveys the waiting room of an overcrowded public library Atlanta where basic internet access requires a long wait. In other cases, the artists propose new forms of online performance, from a live stream of sleeping participants in IDPW’s Internet Bedroom (2015) to the networked ancestral rituals of Manuel Arturo Abreu’s Servicio Digital a Papá Legba (2015).

In the words of the curators, Lucas G. Pinheiro and Devin Kenny, the exhibition as a whole portrays the internet “as a performative, malleable, and contradictory platform for political and artistic experimentation.” Though it is characterized by unequal power relationships, the internet can still be mobilized by its users for performative aesthetic, political, and social projects, and, through these processes, it can ultimately be reimagined.'
                                                      ||| the sleep over internet-event ended on Dec 21 (but see the results they're amazing)  is finished however there are other ongoing events|

 texts and images quoted   from Rhizome  Real Live Online


Nouvel article sur le blog : Les mutations de la philosophie Site non-officiel de philosophie à Paris 8

« De l’Etat de droit à l’Etat de sécurité », par Giorgio Agamben


« De l’Etat de droit à l’Etat de sécurité », par Giorgio Agamben








Le boomerang est revenu mais pas dans la tête de ceux qui l’avaient lancé. Devant les victimes, devant tout un pays en état de choc, le pouvoir politique répond par la guerre et l’état d’urgence. L’urgence est de mettre en cause ce virage sécuritaire. Lundi 23 novembre, au théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers, sans publicité et devant une salle comble, le philosophe Alain BADIOU donnait une conférence « POUR PENSER LES MEURTRES DE MASSE ».

Le 19 novembre à l’Assemblée nationale, Manuel Valls déclarait : « Le terrorisme frappe la France non pas pour ce qu’elle fait en Irak, en Syrie ou au Sahel, mais pour ce qu’elle est ». Malgré le choc – ou à cause du choc – nombreux sont celles et ceux qui cherchent à comprendre. Ce choc pourrait être aussi un réveil après des temps de somnolence résignée. Cette conférence dure près de deux heures. Prenez votre temps. À côté des penseurs à la sauvette et des médias consensuels (et sans suite), nous vous en proposons une version intégrale.

A complete translation of this talk of ALain Badiou can be found here at this pdf link. 

 Our wound is not so recent

  This  evening  I  would  l
ike  to  talk  about  what  happened
  on  Friday  13  November
happened to us, what happened to this city, to this country, and ultimately to this world.
First  of  all
like  to  say  in  what  state  of  mind  I  think  we  should  speak  of  what  is  an
tragedy:  because,  obviously,  as  we  know,  and  as  is  being  dangerously
hammered home by the press and by the authorities, the function of a
affect, of sensible
reaction,  is  inevitable
 in  this  kind  of  situation,  and  in  a  certain  sense  indispensable.

There is something like a trauma,
the feeling of an intolerable exception to the regime
of  ordinary  life,  an  unbearable  irruption  of  death. 

This  is  something
we  all  feel,
 we can neither contain nor subject to criticism."

thanks to Mariborchan's excellent  blog for this translation of Alain Badiou's talk about the November attacks of November 12, 2015.



media review canadian elections



An Opinion of the recent Election in Canada

published on Nov 11, 2015 Richard Seymour reviews the media coverage of the recent elections in Canada. teleSUR http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/v/med... Category News & Politics License Standard YouTube License

The World Today with Tariq Ali



make that


Make that a double operator! what? is this metaphor, or speaking of
metaphor is that a double mixed cement? was this the make that a sweet
reft in the becoming of? her body absconded in the temple, of the
slit dress of her, the leg, in the meet four water in dark in
the library , this is the fastest poem you ever, heard. Close to herd,
as fox of sheep, no flock of feet, come whistle to your hound,
a close my riling, or wreath my darling, you creature of
your library

bring yr desire-card s.v.pl ~


at Stake


" What is at stake in my relation with Gilles is the conjunction, the graft with partial or total rejection, of two sorts of socio-libidinal organizations.
Gilles conquered with ease and even some virtuosity the right to move about in a relational field that I have been tangled up on for twenty years, that is currently escaping me because of my status as a common psychoanalyst and an author making me stand out and feel like a stranger.

I still have no control over this other world
of systematic academic work, secret programing over dozens of years.
I lack too much.
Too much lag has accumulated.
Habits acquired that I manage too poorly to discard.
Everything I do is a mess.
I would have to go back twenty-five years"

Guattari journal 10/13/72 from Antioedipus papers 404 eng. trans.
This was written about 8 months or after the publication of Antioedipus
with Gilles Deleuze
and Guattari's own first book Psychoanalysis and Transversality .
The man says he cant do the sort of work his friend Deleuze does. He differentiates himself as not being systematic ~ or organized. a recurrent theme motif~__ Not UnLIke Artaud? _ artaud the schizo.
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  What he's discussing is not dissimlar to A problem of accumulation  and quantum(s) i.e. the mass of built up energies (not directed) over periods of time   .

 Thus the necessity for him and Deleuze working together arose at the right moment  and it goes without saying Deleuze himself marshalled different forces to bring this about . this rarely happens in literary affairs. it's been tried after a fashion but doesn't appear to come off  as a mix and dissolving into one mind ---- 

Literary authors, literary author functions are operating from a different assemblage .



on the other hand in that other country to the south

--------------------------------------- the Open Forum ----------------------


An end to cyn-i-CiSm ?


   Is the country Canada becoming more Canadada again more it's immanent becomer than the paranoid territorial despo(st)ic regime just ending?

No idealizing here  but a f air look a(t)
                      the economic cradle fo the immanent experiment the territory of flat lines and crude spaces

                   .. and more of empty prairie  and                       dog vision than

                        most of the other dumb place on a drag out planet banet.

                                 Won't you come with me and be my glove
                                           in the great Canadian space


                                                                         What does an assemblage say about this?

_____________ And surely if Harper himself was not a  'real' dictator he
                                                heading a despotic paranoid signifier regime  .

    its over and must keep ending.

                                                                                The left which happens to be Liberal now- a left that qualifies itself according to the real circumstances of real peoples real lives now where they live and die.

must do its job and ask  questions about Desire for Desire and around Desire. Or surely that paranoid right wring punch and putsch will come back again the turn of the repressed haunting our private and public place.

_____________________ How does an agencement imbroigle?

_______________ there remains the question of the t.p.p.,


                                                                       Bill C 51 

The controversial security bill rammed through Parliament by the Conservative government in the spring is expected to be overhauled without delay by the new Liberal government, say party officials and other sources.
Proposed legislation to add new measures and repeal some existing parts of the law, now known as the Anti-terrorism Act of 2015, or C-51, is already being drafted and is to be tabled early in the new parliamentary session. Consultations with the public and various experts are planned before the replacement legislation is put to a final House vote.

_______________ this is  good news.

    and the so called  citizen bills

             Michael Geist has written  about the question of digital rights etc.