_________ One Blog or Many Or Many Blogs or Seven or Several Blogs orMany sexes or Both Blogs and Many and Seven Seas and Severalvaginas and several penises and Blogs or One or Many Wolves andMany and One many and Wolve and


And from
Vlog :'A blog is always several (it is always plural, there is no such thing as ‘a’ or ‘the’ blog — that would be a contradiction. They travel in packs, they form packs (and packs are very different to herds). Blogs chatter amongst themselves, endlessly because they don’t have ends (like soap opera). They exist in the play (some would call it a dialectic) between their internal and external aspects, a looking in combined with a looking out (if you don’t want to look out, and people looking in are the same thing then you don’t blog). They are a revenge of the word upon a twitch generation, though to those who still bow to the word they look and taste suspiciously like the revenge of the twitch generation upon the word. ' Nice take on One or Several Wolves....
February 10, 2006Blogs

Several wolves or many, several vaginas or many, some
penises or few!