Abandoned Boy Scout Camp

Abandoned Boy Scout Camp: "Living in the United States, I tried to ignore these kinds of antagonisms, which mostly allowed different groups of Parisian intellectuals to sharpen their differences. I had long been curious about Jean, and anyway it was difficult to re-create the Verdurin salon under a bright California sun. But French ostracism still had an effect some six thousand miles away, like the moon on the distant Pacific shores. Had Félix known that I was even talking to Jean, I was sure he would have screwed up his eyes behind his steel glasses and accused me outright of being a traitor. (Treason happened to be a positive concept for Deleuze and Guattari, however: It meant playing creatively with codes, and Jean was doing plenty of that. Actually, he was the traitor par excellence, even to his own theories.) As I got to know Jean’s work better, I wondered why my friends had been so hostile.
Mona didnt have a clue who wrote this; when reading it ,she thought it was about her Uncle Jean Genet ~ turned out was about her remoter cousin Mister Baudrilard Mistah Bawdyard!
Thus another Fictive was born: another masked episteme ~ . of love. desire. it switches and clicks


Wasn’t he exactly the kind of hero they had praised in Anti-Oedipus, a deterritorialized thinker surfing the flows of capital? I was thinking about publishing Forget Foucault in English—it is, to my mind, the best introduction to Jean’s work, and raises serious questions about the nature of capitalism and the strategies meant to counter its effects. Granted, Jean had gone out of his way to counter the “libidinal theories”"