"Le Bouddha vert a été déplacé et on a sorti le passeport du tiroir. Mais rien n'a été vole. Mademoiselle Julie. Je peux toujours. Un chariot dans la tête. Boieldieu. La Dame Blanche. Velours. Palpitation. Consistance virtuelle. Un filin entre deux buildings. " Ritournelles 59-60

.... Thus, a double enunciation: finite, territorialised and incorporeal, infinite.
Nevertheless these constellations of Universes of value do not constitute universals. The fact that they are tired into singular existential Territories effectively confers upon tehm a power of heterogenesis, thAt is , of opening onto singularising, irreversible processes of necessary differentiation. ~ Chasomosis ~55

~~Buddha existential chaos of incporeal hips and shanks. her constant flux
was catherine wheel to saint ~