How can Fr anny her Felix

--------------- For Felix the Jill was squared around the capital. Was action becoming its being? was its chimera, a lookalike doll?
for Franny excerpting was always the zing zing of the antioedipod.
Her Felix Cup of tea was felixculpability as the transmitted unconsciousness. Not the dogma of ringing. but belicose as the belling of dendrons and syapses. not the justifications, false or otherwise, of science.
As such she was std. spiritually transmitted dendrons. Or her hipping plateau was flat asa basket.Next to kin what could be better? or her pod was mod, as such it ought to be. Commentators were a bore. Professors and their mores.
Yes, defum dedum defumdumdum.
But her captialist self was racist raging 'roun the edges of territory.

So Jill her mere mirror was summer to her hades. As fictionalizations was the becomings suited her best self posivle. (not a spelling mistake,, but a novel cartography.)