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‘The Poor Can’t Pay’ Banner

Dear Machholz,
Come and march behind ‘The Poor Can’t Pay’ Banner
The Government’s Four Year Plan will make hit the poorest hardest. One way to show that you believe there is a better way to deal with our economic crisis is to join the ‘The Poor Can’t Pay’ banner at tomorrow’s demonstration!
The Poor Can’t Pay will be supporting the Demonstration tomorrow to highlight opposition to the proposed €1/hour cut in the minimum wage and the planned slashing of social welfare payments.
The Poor Can’t Pay has warned that cutting the minimum wage could lead to massive welfare cuts . This analysis has been supported by Poor Can’t Pay campaign memberSocial Justice Ireland.

A number of ‘The Poor Can’t Pay’ supporters are not trade union members and do not feel comfortable marching behind a union banner – but The Poor Can’t Pay banner on the march allows people to express their opposition to these proposals in their own terms. So try to be at Woodquay before the 12 noon start on Saturday 27th, and look out for our banner.

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  It's a great day for the Irish! A great day for the Irish   ~  Mister Swift comes forward with A tale
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Ireland’s austerity: poor pay to keep corporation tax low


The Irish austerity package (confusingly dubbed a ‘recovery plan‘ by the BBC) can only bedescribed as eye watering. But the focus on the poor while omitting any contribution from corporation tax indicates the ideological nature of this latest set of measures.

The Irish government had already announced planned savings of €14.6bn in five separate packages over the last two and a half years but added to this today to the tune of €15bn – around 4% of GDP.
The hardest hit will primarily be those on low and median incomes:
- VAT – a regressive form of taxation – rises by 2%
- the minimum wage is cut by over 10% to €7.65 per hour

ECoNOMIC DESiRe machiNE? Golden Gloves?!
- the level at which income tax kicks in will fall from €18,300 to €15,300 a year – dragging 10% of low earners into the tax system
- close to 25,000 public sector jobs will be cut
- there will be €10bn in total of spending cuts including 30% from growth-encouraging investment

Was Fiction alive to truth?More at Left Foot Forward 
The Poor began to read Marx.
The poor start'd to Eat the Rich.
But who was there to say their pocket'd had not filled, squeezed and robbed?

_________________Who has seen the CoRpos Pay A tax for Love of their Fellow Man? Dark Day for the Irish

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'Thousands of workers are expected to march through Dublin tomorrow as part of a national demonstration against Government cuts.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) is staging the mass rally to show support for its proposals on alternative ways to tackle the economic crisis.
Motorists and shoppers were warned roads would be closed around Wood Quay and along the south quays to O'Connell Street's GPO - where the 1916 Proclamation of Independence was read.
Jimmy Kelly, of Unite trade union, said the location was fitting as people struggle to take back responsibility for their future from a failed political leadership.

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then from. core of lemur. more of. of of.ty groups, families and people who believe in a positive future, to take to the streets from noon.
"Saturday's protest is organised by the trade unions that represent the biggest single social group in the state," said Mr Kelly.
"It needs to reach beyond that though, to every home, every group, every gathering in this country."
He said the Government's drastic €15bn four-year savings plan took a savage swipe at low and middle income families - while ICTU focused on job creation, investment and growth. A six billion euro budget is also due to hit households next month.
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Quoted from the Irish Independent to see the remainder of the article head here ~
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