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North Africa's hip hop revolutionaries

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 Image of the Khalas Mixtape cover.
From Algeria to Egypt, rappers have been protesting against the governments of North Africa through hip hop.
This story was originally covered by PRI’s The World. For more, listen to the audio above.
The poetic tradition in North Africa has woven its way into more modern forms of expression. Rappers and hip-hop artists from Algiers to Cairo have been casting critical eyes on governments and dictators for years now. In the wake of unrest across the region, their rhymes have become a kind of soundtrack for revolution.
Now, one group of Libyan exiles has assembled some of the best tracks into a compilation, called, in English, “Not Far.”
Abdulla Darrat has spent the past weeks glued to his computer and his phone. The 28 year old Libyan-American watched as Tunisians rose up in protest. And he listened as Tunisian rapper El General wondered aloud — in a track called “Long Live Tunis” — if that protest might spread


Libyan-American Activist Abdulla Darrat Reports on the Bloody Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Protesters




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