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Armies, States, churchs, which of these dogs wishes to die ~

Churches, Armies, States — which of all these dogs wants to die? 


"One protestor was in tears, shouting, “the army is hitting us! The army is hitting us!” There has long been popular adoration of, and respect for the army, reinforced since the tanks rolled in on the 28th. It will be interesting to see whether last night’s episode in any way shakes this, or whether it rallies more people around the demand that Shafiq resigns.

The army has already subjected us to a barrage of statements on Facebook about the incident, like a teenage girl discussing boy problems. Statement no. 22 was particularly odd. Entitled “apology” it then said that the “encounters” between the military police and the great Egyptian people were “unintentional” (“OMG I didn’t mean to hurt you babe!!!! Luv u 4ever xoxoxoxo)"


Egyptian army has used force to disperse activists gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand the removal of Hosni Mubarak loyalists from the interim cabinet.

Egyptian soldiers fired in the air and used batons in the early hours of Saturday to disperse the crowd, the Reuters news agency reported.

Libyans in "Liberated" Eastern Cities Balance Self-Government With Supporting Tripoli Resistance: Anjali Kamat Reports

As anti-government rebels close in on the Libyan capital city of Tripoli, we get the latest fromDemocracy Now! correspondent Anjali Kamat. She has just returned to Egypt after spending five days in eastern Libya, where popular uprisings have liberated the area from pro-Gaddafi forces. “There is a sense that Gaddafi could do anything to people [in Tripoli] and there is a real sense of fear,” Kamat says, “but I think people are also trying to see what they can do to manage their city and also to support their friends and families in Tripoli who are still under siege.”

Libyans Organize Citizen Councils to Run Cities Liberated from Pro-Gaddafi Loyalists

In the liberated city of Benghazi where pro-Gaddafi forces have been ousted, Libyan people are now organizing a self-government structures to manage the city. One group calling itself the Coalition of the February 17 Revolution—which is made up of doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, workers, students—just established a city council to manage the day-to-day activities of the city. Democracy Now! correspondent Anjali Kamat speaks with two female Libyan attorneys who are very involved in the Coalition.

As Death Toll Grows, 100,000 Flee Libyan Violence

Estimates of the death toll in Libya have reached at least 2,000 and more than 100,000 people are believed to have fled the country into neighboring Egypt and Tunisia. We speak to Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch, who has just returned from the Libya-Tunisia border.

Facebook's role in Egypt's #jan25 uprising
By Issandr El Amrani February 27, 2011 at 5:28 PM Share

Facebook was more involved in ensuring protection for the Facebook groups organizing the January 25 and subsequent protests than is known__________ http://www.arabist.net/blog/2011/2/27/facebooks-role-in-egypts-jan25-uprising.html