Libya: The Violence of An Unraveling Regime [Ongoing Updates]

  1. Another group just marched in and joined. Cheers erupt. This is slowly growing. #Libya #Egypt
  2. Two groups just marched in from different streets to join crowd near#Libya embassy #Egypt
  3. Chanting: "revolution in #Egypt and revolution in #Libya"

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Libya: The Violence of An Unraveling Regime [Ongoing Updates]: "[Libyan demonstrators destroying a representation of al-Qaddafis' Green Book. Image from BBC.]"

[Libyan demonstrators destroying a representation of al-Qaddafis' Green Book. Image from BBC.]

"Today, the day after his speech, over a million protesters gathered in Tripoli defying the regime’s representations both in terms of numbers (with fifteen to twenty percent of the population turning out) and in terms of location (the capital city which is located in the western part of the country). The courage and persistence of protesters in the face of Saif al-Islam threats is humbling considering that 233 deaths and thousands of injuries had been confirmed as of the end of the day on Sunday (the night he gave his speech). These were the result of a variety tactics including the deployment of the police, army, and hired mercenaries."

The complicity--by virtue of silence--of the broader community of state leaders and international institutions is equally clear.
Below begins an ongoing list of updates on the situation in Libya.
[10:55pm Beirut / 3:55pm New York]

[4:20am Beirut / 9:20pm New York]
It would seem like now would be a juncture at which closing this post would make sense. Al-Jazeera is broadcasting an unrelated documentary while other channels have relapsed into their "regular programming." But the people of Libya continue to face the reality of the following through on what was an implicit promise of "we will kill you" (on the part of Saif al-Islam al-Qaddafi).

As I type these words, I can't help but think back to the calls from those on the ground in Libya that were aired live throughout the day on al-Jazeera and other stations. Whomever was speaking, they conveyed a sense of despiration and fear at what they were experiencing as well as a sense of horror and shock at the silence of "world leaders." As one Jadaliyya Co-Editor put it, "again, we will witness eleventh hour humanitarian/democratic support by many western powers regarding another Arab revolt." 

Now is not the time to analyze the different reasons behind the silence on the part of governments in each of the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as various international organizations. Despite their fear, despiration, horror, and shock, the Libyan people continued to turn out in larger numbers throughout the day. What is certain is that Qaddafi's regime is on the brink of a total collapse in the face of unwavering demonstrators and various defecting elements.

Unclear is the amount of death, injuries, and trauma that will accompany the final end of this regime. As of writing this conlcusion, the unconfirmed total deaths is well over 600 and nearly

ten thousand injured as the seventh day of the Libyan uprising has come to a close.
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