wars are messy, noisy confusing blood and mud. and the old Queen Gaddhaffi rages on

I am like the Queen I have jurisdictions
////////////////////////////////////// and addictions
to dictions
of Dictator and cheap mascara and madness and murder and mayhem and being an asshole to the giant degree that makes the old bitch a whore queen of massacre. Shame on Him. and them
that Supported his Brothel gangsterdom

and these brave
People who have Stood Up
to this 
of Hate

  • to remain silent as hundreds of Muslim brothers and sisters are abused and killed,” she asserted.
  • 10:56am
    The website Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the Top 40 Best Libyan Protest Signs from around the world. This photo, taken and owned by Collin David Anderson at a protest in Washington, DC, shows one of Buzzfeed's winning signs.
    File 10546
  • 10:00am
    Witnesses tell Al Jazeera Arabic, our sister station, that Libyan protesters have taken control of a number of areas in the capital, Tripoli.
    They also said at least seven people were killed in Tripoli yesterday when security brigades opened fire on protesters. It was not immediately possible to"I am like the Queen of England. I have jurisdictions.  DelIROuS lUnaTic and his verify their accounts however.
  • 9:28am
    In the Libyan city of Az Zawiyah, about 50km away from the capital Tripoli, amateur video appears to show soldiers switching sides and joining anti-government protesters. Al Jazeera's Tarek Bazley reports:
  • 9:00am
    According to this Global Voices piece, which cites Malta.cc, a Maltese blog, Serbian military pilots reportedly took part in the bombing of anti-government protesters in the Libyan cities of Tripoli and Benghazi.
    Two Libyan pilots made the claim upon fleeing to Malta, the blog said. Al Jazeera can't confirm the authenticity of the report - but you can read it for yourself here.
  • 8:19am
    A resident of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, just left this voice note posted on Twitter by @Feb17voices. She says:
    "We are afraid. We are afraid because we are women, I have daughters here. Every house is armed only by knives. We have nothing else, but we have God. ... We are not very much afraid of death."
  • 5:23am
    Ashraf Tulti, director of the Justice and Democracy for Libya group based in Washington, DC, told Al Jazeera that sanctions go against people; they will not affect the Libyan regime.

    Instead, he asked for immediate action to stop the killings of Libyan people.
  • 5:22am
    Details of the US sanctions are emerging. They are:
    Freeze of assets held by Gaddafi and four of his children inside US, all US banks have been put on notice for sudden movement of funds from Libya and all military assistance cut off.
  • 5:02am

    A picture of a group of peaceful Libyan protestors outside Hyde Park, London twitted by @ellsun.

    File 10526
    Protests have also been held in the British city of Manchester.

    After the UN security council meeting, Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler, reporting from UN headquarters, said that the most important point right now is how to stop the killings in Libya. However, the UN chief told our correspondent that military action was not in the cards.
  • 1:50am
    Dozens of US diplomats and their families were among the US-chartered ship's estimated 300 passengers, two of whom had to be taken off the vessel on stretchers by paramedics after crossing over from Tripoli in 20-foot waves.
  • 1:09am:
  • 12:58am
    Twitter user @AnnSaid posted this picture.
  • 12:46am
    Libya's ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammed Shalgham, has defected, following in the footsteps of his deputy Ibrahim Dabbashi, a diplomat said on Friday.
  • 12:35am
    A son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Friday that his forces were holding back in fighting with rebels in western Libya and hoped that a negotiated ceasefire could be in place by Saturday, according to Reuters.
  • 12:20am
    After three days of delays, a U.S.-chartered ferry carrying Americans and other foreigners out of the chaos of Libya finally arrived on Friday at the Mediterranean island of Malta.
  • 12:10am
    After 41 years of ruthless rule by Muammar Gaddafi, Libyans are suddenly free to rule themselves. Here's a picture gallery from boston.com on the lives of Libyans in the liberated areas of the country.
  • 11:45pm
    Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam says army holding back and hopes for peaceful settlement "by tomorrow", according to Reuters.
  • 10:25pm
    In Chad, Foreign Ministry's General Secretary Moussa Mahamat Dago rejected allegations that citizens of his African country were amongst those reportedly recruited by Gaddafi to crack down on protesters
  • 10:15pm
    An Italian navy assault ship, the San Giorgio, has loaded up 245 evacuees in the Libyan port of Misrata and has set sail for Sicily.
  • 10:04pm
    The United States has suspended embassy operations in Libya and is moving forward with unilateral sanctions.
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  • baarsf 13 hours ago
    Here's what I believe all this tip-toe politicking is about, in a blatant humanitarian situation that all decent human beings are so eager to condemn and only the hardiest of Qaddhafi supporters can defend, those that still have the stomach not to have defected.

    These courageous Libyan civilians, irrespective of religion, gender or so-called tribe, spurred on by successful and youthful calls for democracy in Tunisia and Egypt, and ongoing struggles elsewhere in broader North Africa, Arabia and Persia, by so suddenly taking on the powerful, monolithic and divisive Qaddhafi regime, have also caught most of the world's governments and large portions of the world's business and investment community completely off-guard.

    It is no secret that Qaddhafi's government has a been a willing partner for all takers: USA, UK, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, China, Egypt, Venezuela and more than half the countries and their business communities around the globe. The Qaddhafi clan has purportedly become very wealthy in the process and heaven knows what the audits on their accounts will one day come up with. A very willing chap indeed, you might surmise, with a great support crew. He has also invested fat sums of money in poor African neighbours, and South and Central American countries and governments. Very nice of the Qaddhafi's, especially Mr. Qaddhafi himself, of course.

    The thing is that the Qaddhafi clan don't like opposition at home. They ethnically cleanse it by execution (remember him quoting from his Green Book the other day on the public punishment for one's sins). He also drops foreign civilian aircraft out of the sky, killing people in air and on land. Hey, what the heck, he and the bombers got away with it by paying a fine! Big-time negotiations those were, while the bereaved families stood by in disbelief as mass wealthy murderers got slaps on their wrists and did not so much as make an apology or show a hint of atonement. Political prisoners disappear for more than 20 years without recourse to law, charge, defense or lawyers. But Mr. Gaddafi must be right about that one too: they must ALL be Al Qaeda operatives (playing the wonderful boogy man American fear card that makes no sense from 20 years ago?). Being an African myself, you've got give it to Mr. Qaddhafi on his wardrobe, man. Isn't that just far out? Miriam Makeba, Empress of Africa, eat your heart out! The guy uses classic divide and rule tactics and has persisted with the Libyan tribal system because it suits him. He plays the maverick on purpose to fool his opponents, but there's nothing unpredictable about him. He's got all his wits about him. The buffoon is just part of the show and you're the buffoon to believe it's anything more than a well-polished show. When he says he's going to hang onto power until his dying day, believe me, that's precisely (and unfortunately) what he's going to do. If it means he has to uses foreign operatives to defend him and kill the protestors or not. Ruthless, is the easy word. Wealthiest buffoon on Earth!

    So the dubious deals of the rich and poor governments that are ALL members of the hallowed United Nations with a dubious government ruled by a much less than dubious despot have all suddenly, in the last eleven days been, been placed on very public check, much more embarrassingly than was the case for Egypt and certainly for tiny Tunisia. Hence the silence (Brazil, South Africa), the political inertia (US, UN, UK), the exacerbated fears about foreign citizens trapped in the country (convenient little excuse that one is), the foot-dragging, the muted reprimands, the watered-down speeches and (most likely) ineffectual sanctions (predictably too little, too late).

    Fear not!! This is the motto of the youth of Libya today. For besides all these obstacles, your courage and wit will carry the young and old of your great country to your new democratic goal. And for those that still fear democracy, you too should not fear, like those of the regime that defect, for there is a brighter and better future for you and your families than that which is provided for by the true forces of Evil that reign today. Freedom for Libya now!

    (Edited by author 51 minutes ago)
  • Sohail_Nakhooda 9 hours ago
    In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


    To the religious leaders of all faiths, to the political leaders of all countries, to the heads of all international organizations, and to all men and women of good will. As servants of the brave and dignified Libyan people, the Muslim Scholars and Tribal Leaders of Libya are united in informing you of the following:

    We are grateful for all the great efforts that are now being made to stop the massacre of our people. However, we urge you to please hurry and redouble your efforts. We have already lost thousands of our brave youth, and the injured are now in the many thousands.

    Please urgently send into Libya as much medical and humanitarian aid as possible. The Egyptian-Libyan border, Benghazi Port, and Misrata Port are now open, and we urge Libyans inside and outside the country to help in every way they can with logistics and distribution. We very much appreciate the early response from Turkey and from the International Red Cross/Red Crescent in this regard.

    Internationally, we expect all punitive actions and measures to be directed and applied to Gaddafi personally, his family, close associates, and their mercenaries, and any other complicit parties.

    We do not support ‘sanctions against Libya’ or anything against Libya. All actions and measures should be against Gaddafi himself, his family, their close associates, and their mercenaries. Judicially these criminals have no official governmental positions, and DO NOT constitute the Libyan government. They have NO immunity. The approach that should be taken by all who are trying to help us is that of urgently issuing and applying International Arrest Warrants for clearly committing crimes against humanity, to be pursued in the International Criminal Court.

    The brave Libyan people will endure and are now more unified than ever, through the grace of God and the blood of our martyrs. We are certain of, and look forward to, the inevitable victory, promised by God to the oppressed of the earth.

    Issued this Saturday 26th of February, 2011 for IMMEDIATE RELEASE

  • Clem Germany 12 hours ago
    "The Western People", "The Americans", "The East", "The Arabs", "The Muslims", "Israel", "The Europeans", "The Black People", "The Christians", "The Chinese", "They"...

    The others:
    The others are strangers.
    The others are not well informed.
    The others are exploiter.
    The others are conquerors.
    The others are enemies of God/the Gods.
    The others are barbarians.
    The others are criminals.
    The others are torturers.
    The others are rapists.
    The others are beasts/reptiles/insects/viruses.
    The others are the death.

    There will be no peace on earth,
    until everyone accepts
    that "the others" are
    maybe just an ice cream vendor
    who come back late at home
    'cause he had a lot of trouble at work
    to change the wheels of the car
    to pick up the children at school
    and needs to wash the dishes soon
    but first to call the grandma...
    In short,
    somebody who has absolutely no time or interest
    to be something listed above.

    "The others" are the same as you.
    "Their" country hosts criminals, of course.
    Just like yours.

    (Edited by author 2 hours ago)
  • ealight46 13 hours ago
    There have been so many times that I would like to have denied my national identity. I am an American. It is what it is. I cannot take responsibility for everything that has been done in my name but I will not stick my head in the sand and deny it either. I think that is the point. The US is known for preaching one thing and practicing another and that is why we have the reputation that we do, The average citizen is embarrassed and disgraced and sometimes horrified by it. And we feel nearly as helpless as most people around the world who live in countries under dictators. Because as someone said here the other night, we have the "opium" of democracy.
    We live pretty well...roof over our heads, food on the table....tv set on, car in the driveway....and we don't have fear of too much violence around us...so we have become pretty apathetic. The average American doesn't really know or care what is happening in the rest of the world as long as everything is okay in his own backyard.

    With events like this...some people are starting to wake up and realize that the rest of the world is out there...and for many Americans I think this is a reality check. At least I hope so.
  • Majorskypilot 1 hour ago
    To each and every Libyian, may God help you all in your struggle's against a cruel dictator. When you win, and you will, remember one thing. Dictators follow no rules and Polititians will squirm under them, but create a constitution that promotes freedom and fairness to ALL peoples. You may not consider Americans true freedom fighters but at least we have a document that gives us a chance to be.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Example 2:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Get it right, make it tight, don't leave it open to easy change by any politition or government officiial in the future.

    And remember COMPROMISE is way harder to abide by than BULLETS are to find.
  • haphaestus 20 hours ago
    Daffy says in a televised address that he turn "Lybia into a burning hell"
    then ban moon comes on saying the "alleged human rights abuses"
    he anticipates the situation will get worse,
    that the loss of time equals the loss of life and in the very next sentence says on monday he will go to washington to "discuss" the situation
    doesnt sound very urgent to me
    all the talking heads can do is talk it seems
    not too mention lybia is a member of the United Nations human rights commision
    what a joke the UN has become, an insult to humanity and the peoples of this planet
  • colorado_usa 18 hours ago
    Gaddafi says... "I am in the middle of the people.. we will fight … we will defeat them if they want … we will defeat any foreign aggression. … this is the spirit … this is much better than the lies of the Arab propaganda."

    What is he smoking?

    Dictators like him, their families and those still in these regimes must stop talking about aggression and about violence. This isn't time to talk. It's time to listen. To people in the streets.

    And if you must talk, talk to regime supporters. Ask them to stop violence, stop this shooting at civilian population, stop the killing. Talk about Libyans have the right to peacefully gather, Libyans have the right to petition their government, Libyans have the right to life, liberty and dignity. Don't insult them by talking about drugs, media manipulation, and tribal heritage. Every human in our world came from the same heritage.

    Regime members, the diplomats and those still on the fence must introspect... why should you want to be ruling, officiating, bullying people around? Shouldn't you be serving, understanding, respecting the law-abiding, peaceful, non-violent citizens demanding of their self evident natural human rights?

    Stop ruling. Start serving.

    And we who don't carry Libyan passport, but do carry the same blood and tears carried by every Libyan, must press our government for immediate humanitarian aid, clear samaritan guidance, and action beyond rhetorics.

    Libya - you too will win. The freedom. Soon.
  • The people of the west are watching Libya and wondering when someone is going to do something to help the people there. It shouldn't always be the job of the US to "do something" but the EU are just considering what to do and the UN... are nowhere to be seen. The Arab countries are watching to, at least the Arab countries are making the right noises but why is everyone basically sitting back and waiting? Do they need to see 10s of thousands dead before they can commit to acting? Too late then. Act now, freeze all funds, announce it far and wide, broadcast it into Libya - it won't take long for the mercenaries to disappear if they find out there is no prospect of being paid. Let all the people know that the whole world is watching and won't tolerate Gaddaffi's lunacy any longer. Impose a no fly zone, enforce it with the weight of an international force. Stop discussing and start doing before it is too late. For the love of God, for the love of Allah, save the people of Libya.
  • baarsf 2 hours ago
    "Like many brits, you think you make the world go round. Perhaps you should wake, very soon too, because the world will continue to go round if you brits, the Americans and other bullies disappear. I am very surprised at how fast you guys jumped onto the bandwagon to point fingers and call for Qaddafi's head. Is the situation in Libya not as bad as the situation in Palestine?
    I get it, the Palestinians are serving a purpose, the Jews Gift for dieing at the hand of your kind. I understand your culture very well and what you guys do don't surprise me, I more saddened by the fact that the victims have now become the villains."

    Mr. Nwonwu, if I am on a bandwagon, which is something that I normally really do NOT do, then this time I am very happy to be on one. I am NOT a Briton, an American or any kind of Imperialist. I am a born and bred African and live in poor old South America, which is all beside the the racist point, of course. If you bothered to take notice at the SUBSTANCE behind the fluff in the news all around you, millions of people from all genders, religions, walks of life, nationalities, ah yes, and tribes (whoopie!!), are calling and some are risking their precious lives (I don't see how they are villains at all) to bring well-deserved democracy to a nation ruled by a tyrant in the same league as Mussolini, Baby Doc, Marcos, Paul Pot, Stalin, Robert Mugabe, Mobuto Sesiseko, Idi Amin, Augusto Pinochet, Henry VIII, Kim Jong-Il, Leopoldo Galtieri, Saddam Hussein, Idriss Deby, Hosni Mubarak, Charles Taylor, Kagame, Adolf Hitler, PW Botha, Ian Smith, Médici, Ne Win, Saw Maung any many more in an illustrious crowd of population-killers. Now there's a nice party to have over for dinner, hey.

    Bandwagon indeed! Wake up!!

    (Edited by author 9 minutes ago)
  • inter_est 19 hours ago
    "The United States has suspended embassy operations in Libya and is moving forward with unilateral sanctions"

    I say - So what!!!

    As ever these hypocritical mass murderers, run away, point fingers at everyone else in the world, and invoke sanctions that in reality only inflict more misery on and punish the very people, the ordinary people, who are already suffering immensly from the implications of self-interested US foreign policy, that we all know is without any regard for human life, and places zero value on any human life outside US borders.

    For years, the peoples of Libya lived, and yes suffered immensely, under economic sanctions and embargoes, imposed unilaterally by the US. What did this do for the US? Nearly got them shut out of the play (profits) for the what are the largest deposits of oil in Africa.

    The people of Libya have BEEN THERE & DONE THAT.

    (Edited by author 18 hours ago)
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“The Maldives, a fellow Muslim country which itself recently began the transition to democracy, refuses to remain silent as hundreds of Muslim brothers and sisters are abused and killed,” she asserted.

The website Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the Top 40 Best Libyan Protest Signs from around the world. This photo, taken and owned by Collin David Anderson at a protest in Washington, DC, shows one of Buzzfeed's winning signs.

File 10606South African cartoonist, satirist and social commentator Zapiro charts an alternate Oscar ceremony.


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    'Free Libya' protests in Tokyo by flickr user: jetalone