blog machine

           A blog machine works as far as it works. So the machine pedals . Along. as its clicks and technos vary to its sudden stops. Just a  guerrilla war machine .

and if the machine is schizo with its breaks and faults.So be it. becomes to its.

immanence to its flow? nomad     ~ ? perhaps a madness 
equal to its folly .

_______________________ each one possessed by its own fracture, limit,
thresholding as . as grim reapers do   ..   with their buttocks and booze  .

but we are not boozers, but collective I        ~ .

our appreciation equal to its covenant    ~

democracy is a fibrillating thing . so the multiplicity says.

--------------------- Je cite 
#EpicLibyan man walking revolutionary road with his guitar. Aww #Libya you make our hearts sing!

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