the monster

-------------------- The men and women the children in the cities are dying for no reason.
The stratification monstrosities   are eating them alive. 

Lets hope that whatever  the Interveners are planning not too many human beings will die.  How many monsters are being born as human beings die cant be told. Cant be known? 

 the monster is  creating facts on the ground. his monstrosity is to make it Impossible to be human.
he will make it impossible for anyone to  do anything |____________________

He is wiping out their power grids._______________

Gadhaffi is making Benghazi into another  ___________Saravejo
___________________________________Is it possible for men to assist one another?
Perhaps only on the level of defence and retreat.

LibyaHuraRT @FreeBenghazi#LibyaAlHurra Mo is doing interview with CNN and is replaying the video from earlier. http://livestre.am/CLsf #OpLibya #libya #Feb17
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Al jazeera live blog

(All times are local in Libya GMT+2)
  • 7:29am
    "The explosions started about 2 a.m. Gaddafi's forces are advancing, we hear they're 20kms from Benghazi," Faraj Ali, a local resident, said. 
    "It's land-based fire. We saw one aircraft," he added. 
    6:49am Large explosions were heard in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the rebel stronghold, early on Saturday, a Reuters witness said.
    A fighter jet could be heard over the city, the witness said, adding that the explosions were strong enough to shake a building.

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