'Stability, A Cold Code Word


Interview with Professor Noam Chomsky, renowned American author and political analyst
Broadcast By Press TV - February 24, 2011

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also censured the Libyan government's severe suppression of Libyans and called for an end to the “bloodshed” in the North African country.

To learn more on the latest developments in the Arab world, Press TV has conducted an interview with renowned academician Professor Noam Chomsky who says the US and its allies have vested interests in stable dictatorships in energy rich countries rather than real democracies.

 Here is the transcript of the interview:

Press TV: Professor Chomsky, I would like to ask your reaction to today's statements not only by Obama's administration officials but also by [UN Secretary-General] Ban Ki-moon as well considering the loss of life in Libya has been so high. Do you believe that they have done enough and said enough to meet the needs of the Libyan people?

Chomsky: I think that more can be done, what is happening is already pretty awful and that could lead to a really major bloodbath. Information is pretty sparse but at least the eastern province appears to be substantially under control by the popular uprising. Tripoli looks very dangerous. I think efforts could be made to provide assistance and protection to the parts of the population that have succeeded in liberating parts of Libya. However, nobody wants a western intervention. That would probably be not only wrong but also disastrous. But actions could be taken through the UN presumably.