War's wreckage

Raising his hands to suggest he was OK, the weapons 

officer emerged to a friendly crowd, who lined up to 

shake his hand and hug him, professing their gratitude 

for the men "who are protecting the skies".

The anti-imperialist arguments against imposing a no-fly zone are many and convincing. Given 

the appalling track records of those within the United States and Europe who are loudest in 

their calls for intervention, it might be tempting to dismiss those inside Libya who are 

calling for a no-fly zone as naïve, or worse, stooges of U.S. empire. But the challenge for 

those who oppose Western intervention is how to show meaningful solidarity with a people 

engaged in a nationwide struggle for liberation. In the words of one Benghazi resident I spoke 


“What’s happening today here in Libya and across the Arab world is a struggle to achieve the real end of colonialism, to finally rid ourselves of authoritarian rulers who are unaccountable to their people and have been propped up by foreign powers.”


  There is a written trans. and a voice over  of this  speech.

Nasrallah: 1000 salutes to the Libyan fighters that are standing and fighting across Libya.

We hold onto your hands   ~ we are ready to extend the hand of assistance .


A dramatic mission to save two downed American airmen was clouded last night with allegations that villagers had been hit by flying shrapnel during their rescue.
The scenario the coalition had been dreading since the beginning of Operation Odyssey Dawn began at around 9.30pm GMT on the third night of bombings with reports of a stricken jet.