Why won't the world help us?'

'Why won't the world help us?'

___________________Because the Europeans and the Yanks and Brits dont give a shit. It aint their game.   _________________
Because the world is an asshole.
Digging deep its own shit. Shit of oil.
Bog shite. Gold of shit . Gold of Oil.
More than 400 people had been killed in the east since the disturbances

started on 17 February, said Dr Gebril Hewadi, of the Benghazi Medical Centre. "We need help, we need this help urgently or we are lost," said

Yunus Astarsi, a doctor at the general hospital in the nearby city of

Ajdabiya. "We need medicine, we

need food supplies and we need the international powers to stop his

bombings so every day we do not face this," he added.

__________________Even Al jazeera and Kim Sengupta insist on calling citizens in revolt,

'rebels.' And this continues despite the fact that the Libyans have asked not to be called rebels.

Protest movement pleads for intervention as Gaddafi's forces step up counter-attack
By Kim Sengupta in Ras Lanuf

The Benghazi-based rebel 

leadership has called for a no-fly zone and airstrikes against the regime.

 Former justice minister Abdel Jalil, one of its leading members who had a price put on 

his head by the regime yesterday,

 said that the West must "help to protect Libya's people 

from Gaddafi's assault and help put an end to his war".

Soon Gangster Gaddafi will massacre hundreds and then the terror of the delirous lunatic against his own citizens

will be much worse than the following

An earlier attempt to take Bin Jawad had failed with many of the rebel fighters killed or injured. Those taken captive were later shown on Libyan state television, their hands tied behind their backs. A Libyan officer stood in front of them saying to the camera: "This is a message. We have killed you in Bin Jawad, we shall kill you in Ras Lanuf, we shall kill you wherever we find you in Libya."

As the uprising in Libya continues, we update you with the latest developments from our correspondents, news agencies and citizens across the globe. Al Jazeera is not responsible for content derived from external sites.
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    As battles rage across Libya, dozens of people have been killed after Colonel Gaddafi's forces launched a fresh wave of air strikes on

    citizen        groups.

    The repeated strikes came as Gaddafi began a major diplomatic effort which was seen by some as a sign that he may be prepared to end the war, sending diplomats to the Arab League, NATO and the European Union.

    Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland was there as the bombs fell on Ras Lanuf in the east.

    Egypt's women plan mass march against military rulers

    By Alastair Beach in Cairo
    Monday, 7 March 20

                    • NORMAL

      • Egyptian activists have called for a "Million Women March" tomorrow after accusing the military government of forgetting about the role of women in the uprising and maintaining a "backward" political system dominated by men.

      •  "They are forgetting about women's role in the revolution," said Dina Abou El-Soud, a 35-year-old hostel owner who is helping organise the march. "I think it is because of the culture and how it used to be here."


    1. @SlaughterAM NFZs in Iraq represented longest sustained US bombing campaign since vietnam, 1 every 3 days. killed a lot more than it saved
    2. @SlaughterAM examples of NFZs in Iraq and Balkans make me question it highly. as does the highly unpredictable nature of bombing anywhere
    3. Mohammed ElBaradei, the Nobel Laureate and former head of IAEA, says he will run for president of #Egypt http://bit.ly/gdmKPP
    4. RT @monasosh: Tahrir being evacuated by thugs & Army hand in hand Video http://youtu.be/sK2jNRyt_ZE #Jan25 #Tahrir
    5. RT @monasosh: Army is

    1. still at least a 1,000 migrant workers in Benghazi port waiting to leave. mostly from Bangladesh Somalia Ethiopia Eritrea, & India
    2. sign today in benghazi, #libya: "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."
    3. fires still burning at the exploded munitions depot near Benghazi. accident or airstrikes? no eyewitnesses cd confirm airstrike, 17 dead.

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