The war machine the ...

 the war machine the death machine the bomb machine the 'rebel' machine the ...

"What we would like is a rational and convincing account of what happened. We would also like to know why the attack was carried out on our soldiers while a Gaddafi force, which advanced towards Ajdabiya on three fronts, was not attacked in any way."

_________________________________________ Echoes of war d ev astate across the world
                                                                                                    Echoes of war d ev astate across t

Rebel fighters wept as they hugged each other kneeling on the floor of a corridor with bloodstained uniforms piled up in the corner.

  1.  Along with the grief there was deep anger, directed not this time at Muammar 

  2. Gaddafi, but the West, for the massacre of their comrades. 

A militiaman in a coma with severe burns all over his body, his face half-hidden 

by a thick layer of white antiseptic cream, was carried into Ajdabiya by other 

fighters shouting in anger and in grief.

______________________________MAchine gun /  dont you shoot me now._____________________
er area, Yasin Ibadullah had just seen what remained of another

victim, his friend Saleh Mohammed Ali, and he was in no mood to hear about the problems pilots may have in finding targets in a

fluctuating frontline. "They have all the equipment, all the technology, we haven't got them," he shouted. "They must have

seen we were going forward, we were attacking, we were going forward. Why did they do this? Do they want Gaddafi to win?"
-------------------------------------- Questions and counter questions/ move removes retreat dash forward/celebrate/shoot high
fall low
death of citizens
death of  men across  the cross of war  and war zone civil strif

'The soldiers were not the only ones to express their anger at the botched attack. Dr Suleiman Rifadi, studying an X-ray of one of the wounded, 

  AttacKing us


"Instead of attacking us, why don't they bomb the Gaddafi troops?"

s has often been the case in this conflict, there was confusion about what led up to the pulverising bombing. Some of the rebels said they were going towards the city, under regime control after changing hands several times. There was also a sudden retreat, a recurring feature of this campaign.
_______________________________The blood ________________>

It is not the first such incident. Last Saturday 13 rebel fighters were killed 10 miles along the same road after Nato jets, believed to be A-10 Warthog tankbusters, responded to "celebratory firing" from an anti-aircraft gun 

into the air with missile launches. Three vehicles, including an ambulance, were destroyed. It is to precisely prevent such "collateral damage" that a British military team is currently in Benghazi putting in a secure communications system between Benghazi and Nato headquarters at Mons in Belgium.
The revolutionaries have reached an agreement with Nato to paint the top of their vehicles yellow to be identified as "friendly forces". 

  1. A rebel commander, Mustafa Gadr, claimed that this has been adhered to by his fighters. 

But while some cars have giant red, black and green flags tied to their roofs

_______________Did one expect an army where there were men? Fighting for their lives?
 Yellow in this instance is the colour of friendship not cowardice .

there is little evidence of the yellow markings in the field among the dozens of cars and trucks, most of them privately owned, which 'pour' forward 

do cars at war pour ? do car s ever pour? rain pours not cars
care pours not cars

One series of attacks for which Nato was absolved of blame by the rebel government was at oilfields at Sarir and Messala, south of Ajdabiya. The Tripoli regime had claimed RAF planes had targeted the field, causing extensive damage.

every day.

         But the 'rebels' the citizens?  what is a rebel?
 had  ________________
But the rebels had little time for such explanations.///////////
 there's no time it's a war zone////

 "This time there was no one firing at anything in the sky, so they could not 
have thought that they were 

under attack," said Ahmed Misani, a 33-year-old engineer fighting for the r
under attack little time to enginerr

revolution. "They could not have thought that we were Gaddafi men. We would like to know what they 

[the pilots] were thinking when they dropped those bombs. 

what thinking?

pilots thinking as bullets hundreds thousanszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

the bullet gunmachine

They would not see the children of the men who died. 
the children of th                         e dead
                dead dead
d                             ead

We would like to know what we should tell them."

War is Chaos and the cry of men