same machine/ 'same state' dont they they all look the same??????????????????????


_________________________marching march march  dead/walking dead/ little wars/ big one/        
                           little one/big one everywhere violence_/and the fear
of it everywhere ___________A little lake waters quiet
' d week out, that what we saw was better than normal. The children came in handcuffed with their hands in front of them but all too often their hands are cuffed behind their backs."

the wind shifts slightly
history is a rolling thunder
under the clouds the mysterious monster the state
killing its citizens

buffeted by bullet and barricade    bodies
hammered into blood and guts brains bashed
piled up bodies /// shoot those demonstratives
shoot their ass/ we gotta protect our state/ gotta spend

a billion an more arm/to the hilt/ the 'cops' and helmet
goons protecting the / the bodies bashed/ bullet-taser
                       control./gas gas ___ no remembering of your dead
  natiionaawwll securiteeWegottaprotect r'....    

your loss
your land __ history is the history of uprisings

who owns this land?
said Adam
Me said God

Who owns this woman
me said

Who owns





In the death property gaze vessel a thousand miracles are  wrought  in the ice night

_______________when they shoot they look the same
the soldiers
                          no matter their uniform
the police no matter the style of their batons
                                           battalions of beaters
beating throughout history

in the 21st century
the 20 th the helmets 
the shoulder shots
the aiming
firing on citizens
rushing borders


aten.  She said an officer “hit me on the head anaten.  She said an Officer OFfIcer                                                                                 
                                                officer “hit me on the head and I sta

--------------------'  chicken shit'

Violence is cowardice

__________its violent harms hurts

war for your zone. health/n wealth for theirs/ Ol King Tut knew about that didnt he . an mister Alexander knew too but he grew a sword outside his head conquering hal f 

the unknown world/ of her time/ and egypts families fell. and the gangster gadhaffi with his half wits wins on destroying as he can and his fat cats pulls the tail. of the dog that bites, and the rat/cats of Cacacacapaappapapaltteeetttteeeeliszzzsmms continue 

their shift in the prolonged kalpa of this 10 million and more centuries to go .its come gone word of telos and relative times to its bend. the never reaching ending  apocalypse capitalim's favored game. Plan to the whole .

______________________________________As Stalingrad. As other. Barbarian wastes of thousands. of Bodies and bodies.
  this is how it /goes /BANG! BANG! Shoot Shoot! machine gune. thump. however its worse than worst________________________---------------_____ LIKE a jerk at a meeting stealing a beauty takin/her town/ and ridging her spirit flow/ so the tyrant gangster  do
as they do
and the fascist of history Destroy  Destroy Destroy Troy
Libyans in Benghazi celebrated after hearing the report of the death of Gaddafi's son [Reuters]

finish this sentence in jail/ in until/in death/ valley of the dead/ shadow lan

Take a deep breath, and don't let it out until you've finished this sentence: the Metropolitan Police are charging Alfie Meadows with'violent disorder'. Now you can collect your jaw from the floor.
Police beat.

Alfie Meadows is the student who was beaten 
so badly by police____                               So badly So Badly So Badly So badly and he was intelligent and eloquent and young/ and they beat and beat  they beat beat beat beat beat beat / the same ones roun' the      eathglobeplanet
 that he had to undergo serious brain surgery.

 He was also, reportedly, 

denied an ambulance by police for
 a considerable period of time. 
6-year-old called “Heba” was taken with three of her school friends and held for three days during which they were beaten.  She said an officer “hit me on the head and I started to bleed” and she was thrown against a wall. She says that, although the girls were b
When he finally boarded an ambulance,
 police attempted to prevent the ambulance from delivering 

him to Charing Cross hospita

and other    ~Alfie Meadows was beaten  beaten beaten bashed and bashed  across the skull by a policeman with a baton, but is being                 +sente++++++++++ence of five years.|You mus go to jail as in stalingrad/ You ar ebad you disObeyEd______________________________
Our correpsondent Anita McNaught commented on the reported attack:
What exactly happened in the compounSomet said the tyrants son is dead is dead tonight we don't know. What the Gaddafi family seems to be saying is that this was an assassination attempt. I'm not sure NATO would want to be caught trying to do something like that.

"On the other hand, mistakes have beeOn the other hand the head of thee Tyrant grewn made, on the other hand, there are clearly many agendas working in this conflict and what the international alliance say they want and what they actually might actually|Cancer dido cancer dictator/ war/ is  _Was

ense in making peace with half a people. Making peace with the entire Palestinian people may be more difficult, but will be infinitely more fruitful.
Therefore: Bravo--------------------------------------------------

Not Even a Bleat, Mrs. Clinton?

 at counterpunching 

Amira Hass

-------------kids in handcuffs/ in military courts.. this is the way armed states treat their ----------------------