5/10/11 Strike in Athens, Greece (Eng subs)---Molecules don't only occupy walls they drift through them as a mist weaving woveN?> does a molecule mist wove weave its wall __ through the wall carefully

some  chant and sing others and dance and hope shouting for civility in the world this world

5 October 2011 Strike in the public sector, Athens, Greece. Thousands workers demonstrated, united with the university and the school students, in the center of Athens, against the harsh measures of the goverment, the EU and the IMF. The police attacked to journalists and strikers, throwing teargas and hitting people even inside the metro station.

camera: KyrBanos
Editing: Stelios Mich
Subtitles: Costas Tod

------------------------------ One demonstrates
  One strates and the strata police who  look and  behave the same everywhere attack. what they do is as predictable as rain   ~beat hurt and harm the marchers of democracy   ~ that is their role   ~ their role changes when it's no longer in their interests to do so.  but as of now they are aliens behaving pretty similarly to the ones in syria and the others world wide   ~ they batter and break the ones who speak and walk  ~ They are always under orders to d o the same thing protecting  the interests of power. they do this on the whole, without question.

if you look or see enough of these types of behaviour you can see they are pretty much as i said above -- the same world wide. often they appear to be aliens.  to me they are aliens from outer space who basically have nothing to do with what people call Human Beings.

Human Beings are beings living in this world cause------------------------ they want to and because it's good for them and friends and family and all others. 

The aliens, usually gangsters of transcendence inc.--- work for their masters the Intergalatic space aliens, ISms Inc. these are deadbeat transcendences __ one can describe them as matter, but poison matter--- or a sort of antimatter black hole gang of pirates and punks out to destroy any life and joy--- they have incarnated and reincarnated for centuries and their goal is to destroy all life everywhere and on earth. William Burroughs once spoke of the Nova Police in his books Nova Express Soft Machine etc. Those police were fictional real creatures -- creatures on the edge of matter and non-matter? apparently their goal was to 'bust universes' that had gone bad.... one could say they was 'good' cops. but these other ones, are not the 'good copper' types. these transcendalists matter based capitalists cops are agents of the ISM INC a radical run of aliens hailing from at least four distant universes none of which inhabitable by the Human Beings.

All the Human Beings should handle these hoods with caution and care. Molecules slip between thugs and cuffs  capers capturing free lines of escape.