but the Wolf

                                                          -Man thinks, "You trying to tell me my ass

isn't a wolf?")
What should have been done is the opposite, all of this should be understood
in intensity: the Wolf is the pack, in other words, the multiplicity
instantaneously apprehended as such insofar as it approaches or moves
away from zero, each distance being nondecomposable.

Zero is the body
without organs of the Wolf-Man. If the unconscious knows nothing of
negation, it is because there is nothing negative in the unconscious, only
indefinite moves toward and away from zero, which does not at all express
lack but rather the positivity of the full body as support and prop ("for an
afflux is necessary simply to signify the absence of intensity"). The wolves
designate an intensity, a band of intensity, a threshold of intensity on the
Wolf-Man's body without organs. A dentist told the Wolf-Man that he
"would soon lose all his teeth because of the violence of his bite"—and that
his gums were pocked with pustules and little holes.

 Jaw as high intensity,

teeth as low intensity, and pustular gums as approach to zero. The wolf, as
the instantaneous apprehension of a multiplicity in a given region, is not a
representative, a substitute, but an I feel. I feel myself becoming a wolf, one
wolf among others, on the edge of the pack. A cry of anguish, the only one
Freud hears: Help me not become wolf (or the opposite, Help me not fail in
this becoming). It is not a question of representation: don't think for a minute
that it has to do with believing oneself a wolf, representing oneself as a
wolf. The wolf, wolves, are intensities, speeds, temperatures,
nondecom-posable variable distances. A swarming, a wolfing.

Who could
ever believe that the anal machine bears no relation to the wolf machine, or
that the two are only linked by an Oedipal apparatus, by the all-too-human
figure of the Father? For in the end the anus also expresses an intensity, in
this case the approach to zero of a distance that cannot be decomposed
without its elements changing in nature.

A field of anuses, just like a pack of

 Does not the child, on the periphery, hold onto the wolves by his
anus? The jaw descends to the anus. Hold onto those wolves by your jaw
and your anus. The jaw is not a wolf jaw, it's not that simple; jaw and wolf
form a multiplicity that is transformed into eye and wolf, anus and wolf,
as a function of other distances, at other speeds, with other multiplicities,
between thresholds.

 Lines of flight or of deterritorialization,
becoming-wolf, becoming-inhuman, deterritorialized intensities: that is
what multiplicity is. To become wolf or to become hole is to
deterritorialize oneself following distinct but entangled lines. A hole is no
more negative than a wolf. Castration, lack, substitution: a tale told by an
overconscious idiot who has no understanding of multiplicities as
formations of the unconscious. A wolf is a hole, they are both particles of
the unconscious, nothing but particles, productions of particles, particulate
paths, as elements of molecular multiplicities. It is not even sufficient to
say that intense and moving particles pass through holes; a hole is just as
much a particle as what passes through it. 

Physicists say that holes are not
the absence of particles but particles traveling faster than the speed of

Flying anuses, speeding vaginas, there is no castration.