living  a molar asshole death what can you do caught between the pillars like old Hercules and some dumbarsed god institutionalized by the hates of states and . this way they bomb each other to piece of ripped flesh. cannon death missile muscle. is there  a  red state somewhere there lying in the reckoning of the choosing between life and death?

take this sect _________________________versus that  ~ When having a shit are identical as the gangs of the others having a shite. Giving a shite between molar peceptions and greedy paranoid conceptions Mona's busted her jaw giving to every weight a  paranoid forest of capital and . of all the fascists planet she has seen this is obscene. 
Not a  narcotic drug but a dead weight of hysteria and armssales behind behind the behind the scenery. as any tawdry devil stoned on the capitalist gold knows.  and think 
of all the stupid women supporting it and the stupid men

like when back in 1990 one

heard stories of dumb 'canadian' women knitting socks for the 'troops' gone off to waste their and the lives of others in Persian Gulf war of 1990~

War and civil strife

at that level
are simply  


____________ but what is stupid? what is the serious condition of these occult beings that want war?

the droves of mental cases trucking and barreling their way to hell and their children to hell and blood burning fire and horror .... and no one has words for those sort of hells and horror and when one thinks of the idiocy and imbecility of the pettiness of the small rages and tiny fury motoring the daily diatribe of life... the inability of the basics is one surprise d or shocked by the vengeful demons of hate and 

take this comment ' me i dont understand all the streets are cleared except mine... all the rub ble's been removed.. the stink of shitmud dust rising up in the air with the cloud of corpses... '  ... stupid bitch she's holding  a rifle ten minutes later... she's  a war bitch ... clears her head... gets off her violent streaks... the minute and boring frustrations of  a life time that's waste anyhow and shit... and is the stree t of war torn Syria? no it aint it's the city at war the Civil war worldwide shes'a dumb moron with a moronic family voted for the right most of her shitassed life and her hubby's immigrant reactionary too also voted for the right wing in this fair countr y Canada as they name it a n empty space of trancendence figured by the hatred it bore other countries .... who calls it their own this ugly false toothed bitch?.... Bang! shot rings 

out and surface to surface missile Bloom! a distant cry... swing round over there... whatchaya get is  a ground-to-air___the  multiple target defense system Pechora 2M___ and this shit's hot it keeps everyone on their toes...   Boom!  oops who disappeared over there... what kind of war shits this? who knows what grammar's this?

None of this makes connecting any easier

Reverse the charges you witch.