An end to cyn-i-CiSm ?


   Is the country Canada becoming more Canadada again more it's immanent becomer than the paranoid territorial despo(st)ic regime just ending?

No idealizing here  but a f air look a(t)
                      the economic cradle fo the immanent experiment the territory of flat lines and crude spaces

                   .. and more of empty prairie  and                       dog vision than

                        most of the other dumb place on a drag out planet banet.

                                 Won't you come with me and be my glove
                                           in the great Canadian space


                                                                         What does an assemblage say about this?

_____________ And surely if Harper himself was not a  'real' dictator he
                                                heading a despotic paranoid signifier regime  .

    its over and must keep ending.

                                                                                The left which happens to be Liberal now- a left that qualifies itself according to the real circumstances of real peoples real lives now where they live and die.

must do its job and ask  questions about Desire for Desire and around Desire. Or surely that paranoid right wring punch and putsch will come back again the turn of the repressed haunting our private and public place.

_____________________ How does an agencement imbroigle?

_______________ there remains the question of the t.p.p.,


                                                                       Bill C 51 

The controversial security bill rammed through Parliament by the Conservative government in the spring is expected to be overhauled without delay by the new Liberal government, say party officials and other sources.
Proposed legislation to add new measures and repeal some existing parts of the law, now known as the Anti-terrorism Act of 2015, or C-51, is already being drafted and is to be tabled early in the new parliamentary session. Consultations with the public and various experts are planned before the replacement legislation is put to a final House vote.

_______________ this is  good news.

    and the so called  citizen bills

             Michael Geist has written  about the question of digital rights etc.