--------------- it's possible (secretly ) that Zizek is a form of transcendence! he is the hidden formula against Guattari . He forges the transcendent in disguise. Foundadadada. Hes peaks fast. which you like. But is RonGRong about his views on Pierre Felix Guattari_ he seemed to grasp and hook something then flees off under cover of the Name of the Deleuze to criticize what he Imagines is the Guattari.

zizek is still goin around speaking of deleuze before 'the corruption of guattari....' which is really quite funny. so say Badiou Zizek and perhaps others all want to take away the
G from the D
the Guattari from the Deleuze
the God from the Devil

O well.
too bad for them. then.

I prefer rhizome to roots Mister Zizek bisert.

________________________________ the film that was on youtube was removed for corporate copyright blabla but may be seen elsewhere ____________this is an older post from recalltopoetry 

(and here    )    which i've amalgamated into one new post here .

in this discussion of film however he speak to the matter at hand without bringin' anyone else down....

Zizek on Children of Men

.... to avoid sex... spiritual infertility...

cut root

this is future....

really survive
cinema as


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