Alton Stirling

Alton Stirling

  I think white american police want to kill, wound, and screw up as many Black lives as they can.

It's built in to their system of racism, nationalism and so on.  It's a part of the  type capitalism which reveals its face as violence,

  it's part of the same system that has let Hitlery Clinton off for her misuse of servers and failure to protect  American interests while serving as Secretary of State

    And brexit? oh yes  brexit, ____________________ IN out BanLRupt Greece? Britain 

                                      black lives matter                              

                            it wont be  soon that white americans believe that and put it in practive.

                                               has it gotten worse in the last few years
                                                or do we simply see and know more because of the internet and social media

and this so called administrtor Obama's leaving more troops in Afghanistan and yet

            he can't be bringing peace to his fellow Black Americans.. he's a wanker and 

                       and always was a man with  a  plate, an  agenda  ,

                                                                         Power ful America
                                                             First is what he's always been about

                                                                                He's no different than Trump
                                        basically just a softer version of the same despotic machinery

 that sounds awfully reducitive and its meant to be taken polemically not literally