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In these conditions , it falls especially to the poetic function to reconstruct universes of subjectivation that are artifically rarified and singularized. However, is it not for that functionto transmit messages, to invest in images as support for identification, or in formal patterns as props for modelization procedures, but to catalyze the existential operators capable of acquiring consistency and persistency within the current mass-media chaos .... Guattari 201
GS _ .... Can one say that the written text already contains a form of micro-fascism?
Guattari: No , because a written work can be lengthened ....
But then one never writes a book. One picks up on books that have been written; one places oneself in a phylum. To write
a book that wants to be an eternal and universal manual,
yes, you're right;
but to write after one thing and before another, that means participating in a chain,
in a chain of love as well.

Burrough's cut-ups and semiotic inventions, for example, create new universes of mutated and mutating menaings.
Then, at the same time, there's this sort of movement,
which is not so much a traditional party - which,
considered in ecological terms - is a disappearing species.
That's why I suggest that the problem of "mental ecology"
is so important - the problem of disappearing species,
such as poetry.
Because poetry is as important as vitamin C.
It's very important for children, (H.aveth C.hilders E.verywhere) for example, and is often very important for psychotic patients, whether as something written or as somethng declaimed.
So it's this double project of untying the bonds of language
and opening up new social, analytical and
aesthetic practices which interested me in
new forms of poetic performance.

Are bloggings a becoming that reinvents permitting molecular flows to transverse molarities and stratas?....
G: when one considers the extent to which contemporary sensibility is agitated by the influences of academia, the mass media, publicity and so on... well, it already seems evident that in terms of its interactive and intertextual aspects it is combining communicative, perceptive, and sensitive dimensions in such a way that new modes of subjectivity and writing are noT restricted to past textual paradigms
.... Guattari// intertexts talks withBlogologies of practice.

the floor of the artist is a pace of works that crosses idiom plays off the signifier against signified. opens chains of
mean. sense. desire bodies.

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