JEAN BAUDRILLARD's Pyres of Autumn

excerpt from...
Baudrillard's text at New Left Review....

"...Fifteen hundred cars had to burn in a single night and then, on a descending scale, nine hundred, five hundred, two hundred, for the daily ‘norm’ to be reached again, and people to realize that ninety cars on average are torched every night in this gentle France of ours. A sort of eternal flame, like that under the Arc de Triomphe, burning in honour of the Unknown Immigrant. Known now, after a lacerating process of revision—but still in trompe l’oeil. ..."

One suspects that Guattari, and perhaps Deleuze would say something different about the recent Baudrillard, as opposed to the earlier Baudrillard. In a sense, what one saw in France last fall was a form of the War Machine , in chaos, tatters, bedraggled ripped up and torn by its own contradictions. I think of the interviews I listened to of parents whose kids were rioting & ransacking... the stamping of feet.. the baseball bats... Europe the whore is tidy and neat for the monied classes, & the rest can go shit. Cohn Bendit's comments about the recent student revolts were as misdirected as were theirs about the generation of May 68~ Daniel Cohn Bendit crying them down as negative and the young people referring to the genearation of 68 as rich and fat, and successful. what a mess. what a machine deterritorialized with no parts to steer... however, I dont know enough to say more. One witnesses, at best and the rest is imperfect and unsure...

Rest well bodies of the dead
and the sad night of hawkers
on the pavements when
each relation is blackmail
and the skin you wear
is death
unlike the whites of hell
& their institutional poetries.

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