eric alliez Signa[s]ture of the world

I happen to be reading Signature of the World (Eric Alliez) and find Alliez so refreshing and such a positive thinker and a relief to read someone who thinks about Deleuze and Guattari positively and not negatively and with depression like Zizek or Badiou and their endless efforts to drag the whole joyous DeleuzeoGuattarian project into shambles. He’s wonderfully inventive and that’s as it ought to be working the becomigs of language as much as the authors of A/O creating a programme balance sheet and not overly concerned with wishing to justify anything to imaginary interlocuters with superego machinery.

His essay about A/O is rampant with love and energy
His writing swings like they say in music and it swings period like a good blog should doing its own work of deterritorialing and hookin g in the smooth and striated spaces. This sort of working invites me to have a good day of becomings,and ebb flows.

On another matter I've notice my 'prose' is more interesting to me when written in a circle almost aspotry that rolls round and round repetition its favoured (varied) device at times that de-vices its grip on the expository brain hold.

O they say yer not supposed to do that in prose, but they say this and that and what can and cannot be done in prose is a matter of musical loves, and love lovers in bed, who says what they cant and cant do. Write? Right, Kiss me prose.

No one invites this to be boring or broken.