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Dadawhat says :

I find this idea fascinating - (at least one possibility
contained within it) - that one would being interested in Guattari and Deleuze'swords - I think you really mean their terms -without being interested in or having read the authors. Words without authors, would that sort of be like intentions without authors?
This resembles that state of alienation where the agent (or person) is no longer an intentional being, but merely the passive instrument of processes. The person experiences those "processes" as having no origin in the self. But suppose your shoe maker is interested in the polemic you are proposing, will your shoemaker be able to debat with the terms, or -is he more interested in their use as the materials for new shoes, rather like the bricoleur - that is making from bits and pieces, leftovers from all over the place ... making a pair of shoes that do not fit - like the schizo table in Antioedpus. That is, really perhaps he is interested in constructing a desiring machine, and machines like that work best when they break
down ... The shoemaker is an artist then, or a schizo out for a
stroll ... Especially, if the shoemaker is alienated from his own actions in the extreme, will there be even a chance of recuperation that would allow them to room to manoeuvre, but what words would the shoe maker being interested in? - Pragmatics? chaos? shizz-flows - etc. And would a rat leave a burrow innocently? hmm, what is innocent. Sorry I might be missing the first part of the debate here.
In any case, I find these questions interesting and the list is
not restricted to scholars. I for one am not a scholar.
- and like Guattari and Deleuze say... (paraphrase)...we have never
seen a scholar.