toniNERI.wmv et Antonio Negri Seminar

Indeed Mister Negri is speakin from the daily podium of desire unlike a certain Mister Zizek whose blather balances nothing against nothing a rigid think not the fluid desire of open affirmative the wish the practice of multitudes and as Hardt and Negri both sugges t a Practice of Love .is what we need and wish. cynics call this naive, but the real women and men of the earth know that a love in civil life and politics is the necessary open path to breathing and loving bringing forth futures for all everyone the whole earth clad in joy ~mister stuck in a strata negate Multitude and Empire say. they are simple. the great lines out are often simple yet richly complex not hefted speed job born of lacanian rigmarole.or the malarky of other debate critique which does not enter. but cast aside. lofted critiques not the Outside Positive Affirmativ e ~ .

Monde Diplomatique - 50 Aniversario - Exdirigent del grup Poder Obrer, condemnat a trenta-quatre anys de presó per "insurrecció armada contra l'Estat" i "responsabilitat moral" en els enfrontaments entre els militars i la policia a Milà entre 1973 i 1977, Toni Negri ha viscut catorze anys exiliat a França, on ha ensenyat filosofia, abans de tornar a Itàlia per purgar sis anys de presò

True Poltiics is Love is Sorcery

Primeros minutos de una conferencia de Antonio Negri en París, sobre la metrópolis, en el marco del seminario "devenir-banlieue". Más información en http://seminaire.samizdat.net