at Stake


" What is at stake in my relation with Gilles is the conjunction, the graft with partial or total rejection, of two sorts of socio-libidinal organizations.
Gilles conquered with ease and even some virtuosity the right to move about in a relational field that I have been tangled up on for twenty years, that is currently escaping me because of my status as a common psychoanalyst and an author making me stand out and feel like a stranger.

I still have no control over this other world
of systematic academic work, secret programing over dozens of years.
I lack too much.
Too much lag has accumulated.
Habits acquired that I manage too poorly to discard.
Everything I do is a mess.
I would have to go back twenty-five years"

Guattari journal 10/13/72 from Antioedipus papers 404 eng. trans.
This was written about 8 months or after the publication of Antioedipus
with Gilles Deleuze
and Guattari's own first book Psychoanalysis and Transversality .
The man says he cant do the sort of work his friend Deleuze does. He differentiates himself as not being systematic ~ or organized. a recurrent theme motif~__ Not UnLIke Artaud? _ artaud the schizo.
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  What he's discussing is not dissimlar to A problem of accumulation  and quantum(s) i.e. the mass of built up energies (not directed) over periods of time   .

 Thus the necessity for him and Deleuze working together arose at the right moment  and it goes without saying Deleuze himself marshalled different forces to bring this about . this rarely happens in literary affairs. it's been tried after a fashion but doesn't appear to come off  as a mix and dissolving into one mind ---- 

Literary authors, literary author functions are operating from a different assemblage .