Franny's agencements ~

Franny's busy with her "Les agencements d'observation" Indeed! she is . Her Mouth is a Radiant tongue riant with the laying in of love. Toottoottoot goeth her caboose.

"Il n'y a pas un observateur, mais des agencements d'observation, des agencements qui relèvent chacun de leur propre système cartographique"
O A supreme sustaining silken systeme cartographique! Oui Mon Pierre! Oui !

"Agencement" means this that that and this all around the, all round the table of deleterious desire.

Felix Guattari, "La thérapie familiale en changement" à paraître aux éditions E.S.F. sous la direction de Mony ELKAIM.
Mony Elkaim is a very nice man and writes very pretty letters to his friend.