Sarenco le triptyque du cinéma mobile, 1983-1987

Sarenco : le triptyque du cinéma mobile, 1983-1987

July 1st 1990 by Veyrier/Lib.l'Avenue

------------------------------old books and new recovered. as time is the wash of reterritoiralization and the geography of template. what huff of air peels Mona's song but here in the cinema?


Guattari the infinitely inventive imaginative and making bold spaces of cartographic recuperations in each area: Abox of genius as it spin around the edge of cinema. Guattari's Italian connection the most stunning of them. According to the recent Dosse Biograpphy Guattari was treated as a living prophet during the heady and revolutionary 70s in Italy.... he was buzzed in the crowd.. No wonder that a few years later he felL into a depression temporary black hole as the let downs of the 70
s and the almost forgot
60's became more apparent each day and with each passing decade.... yet the man was working always.. as we all ought to. N'est-ce pas mes amis?

Felix Guattari; Eugenio Miccini;
Luigi Serravalli-- Italy has always been vital in the movements of the centuries.. of territory and trait betrayal and portrayal from Pound's mad fascist delires.. to the great movements of the Left . and its poets and its thinkers.

we think with the thinking territories..