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An evening in Paris, the New Italian Epic, the Populist Imagination

In the last two weeks we’ve been campaigning hard against right-wing officials trying to ban books and authors in Veneto (North-East Italy). Alongside many writers and readers, we’ve been helping to coordinate a rich, manifold counter-informative operation which has taught us (and is still teaching us) many lessons. We already scored some important goals, as we managed to stop some hateful initiatives dead in their tracks. Unfortunately, we’ve been so engulfed in the campaign that we haven’t had time to keep you anglophones reasonably up-to-date with what was going on. If you look at this post’s comment section, you’ll find some useful texts and pingbacks. We even held a public meeting and made a demonstration “in the belly of the Beast”, ie in Preganziol, province of Treviso, the den of the hideous Northern League. A brief, partial report on what happened can be found here.
Anyway, we can’t omit to post stuff specifically related to our work as writers.
Thus, here’s the first batch of news of 2011.
7 February 2011, PARIS, France
h. 8 pm, Théâtre Antonie Vitez D’Ivry-Sur-Seine, 1 Rue Simone Dereure (Métro Mairie d’Ivry-sur-Seine)
Wu Ming 1 will talk about his novel New Thing
with Serge Quadruppani (novelist and translator)
and Yannick Séité (teacher at the Université Paris-Diderot, author of Jazz à la lettre, PUF 2010)


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