negotiate / too late/ bullets to heads/ benghazi 'rebels ' run __________. flight to fight / buffer? who's buffer easy to say /law / as bodies die? shit to that/ as the cloud cast breaks over the dying.... its' the tongue double speaking .   negoitate? who said this ? you said this

_____________Debate as those die/ tortured_______________ what comes of war? is blood? and freedom's terrifying cry/

 why does Mister Sengupata not see the division in 'rebels ' as cry of Joy to its retreat

who came to help?

what cease fire with a dictator monster?
 The should have been dones dont do when the dying does it dirty work

One's not about to discuss with dictator tyrant

_____________________the gangster of Tripoli manipulates the living and dead

___________________________________________________ and the People Of Benghazi have asked and again and again///////////////
and those in prison  and those tortured

  But do dictators change their minds?