Neighbour- all too human


The  people in the picture below are neighbors. It is a  neighbor who comes to the assistance of others. Not states or countries. More and more I suspect that countries whatever that is, and States whatever they are, don't exist. That what the word country meant has long been forgotten, and that States are actually Monsters. From Outer Space. Alien-nation. Grip griffins killing the earth and its people who may once have had countries that they lived in. The great star moves, and the earth shatters into a billion bits. These people demonstrating are perhaps neighbors. Work on the concept of neighbor.


Unlike the brave  men and women resisting tyranny the  

Government forces are monsters. Trained aliens from these other planets.... Killing and driving fear into the heart of people. These are the ones that ought to be sent into Outer Space.  Whence they derive.

One has to ask ; all they beings at all?
__ Old papa Nietzsche'd round on me here stating its human! it is human Cliff
All too Human!

Well ya know I like old Nietzsche and I agree with many of his ideas, however,
I don't necessarily agree with that the notion of human all too human 
in this case.

These arseholes
are not human! not human!
Not all human enough!

I suspect the gangsters and thugs that do the dirty work are the same beings the world around.
from another dimension.

Fucked out strata segments
loyal to sick ideas of space and time.....

all what are these dictators but monsters from the past despotic barbarian ages
the signifiers of eye for an eye
and the rest of that savagery?

Who we re the  S.S. and the Gestapo
and the rest of them?
Who was Eichman

Whoever they were they weren't human
as I understand it,
but alien beings
not eligible even
for the category of human

______________ These state beings have reincarnated
since the begining of time,

wreaking havoc on the earth.

 Bahrain and the rest of them excell as examples of Barbarian despotic regimes. Monstrous drunkards from outer space shit dumps. Old junky queens . kicking killin suckin up the blood of the living and vital. Ordinary people of the earth.

All dictator beings scum shit from refuse planets. heavy water deadasses .  monsters who started the earthquake under the sea off the coast .... bringing tsunamis and violence to the Eearth.

The raging stratas of hatred agains the Human Kind.

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTheeeeeeeeeeeee Atomic Monsters of Hatred. Dosing the Planet. / 

_____________//////////////goodbye planet earth? see you in another place? a galaxy whence? what shits sold the kids crap of steros and loud noise violence to all?
what shits destroyed the tribes? the capital. the capital. of whence Empire is built. but this Empire does not come from humans.

_________________________Humans / are becomings.Of neigbor/ and  bravery /
                   _________________there is more. Live to live its . frustrated account of the ravings.


This is the live blog from Libya 
  • 10:23pm
    Updates from Misurata now, where pro-democracy fighters say they are holding their ground against an assault by pro-Gaddafi troops.
    "The fighters have defeated Gaddafi's forces from the southern and western side (of the city)," a resident, who gave his name as Mohammed, told Reuters by telephone.
    "The shelling on the city stopped and the rebels have captured some tanks. The battle is continuing on the eastern side, but it is not a heavy one."

    Residents say that pro-Gaddafi forces had begun pounding the city at about 7:00am local 

    time with tanks, artillery and rockets. 
    "They are trying to enter the city. I do not think 
    they will be able to do it, at least not today," a 

    pro-democracy fighter said.
    State television meanwhile appealed to the people of Misurata to support pro-Gaddafi security forces.

File 15391
Pro-democracy activists say

they have taken control of the

Anwar Afriqiya oil tanker, a

ship carrying 25,000 tons of fuel, in the waters off Tobruk.

[Picture: AFP]


  1. Hope and Fear with #Libya's Rebels, my piece in @theindypendenthttp://is.gd/HDhG6t
  2. moving video (arabic) on 1 of those tortured by #egypt's military on Mar 9 Ramy Essam, singer of the revolution.http://is.gd/yQHdRI
  3. open letter to #egypt's military leadership re: last week's brutal "clearing" of #tahrir http://is.gd/qd4YgJ

-------------------Hospitals in the East are reeling from the flood of patients bearing wounds from heavy-caliber weapons. 

One doctor in Al-Bayda, who had been in Gaza during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, described the scale of the injuries during the first few days of the uprising as similar to what he had witnessed in Gaza. 

As the casualties rise in the besieged towns of the West as well as the frontline towns in the East, some estimates place the numbers of dead in the thousands.

This is the context in which Libyans are calling for a no-fly zone. 

They know full well that a no-fly zone won’t necessarily clinch the battle for them and could backfire. 

Like the courageous protesters throughout North Africa and the Middle East, they want the victory to be their own, achieved without outside help. 

Everywhere in the East, large banners oppose foreign military intervention. But as the death toll rises, the Libyan call for a no-fly zone is a desperate attempt to buy time.

The anti-imperialist arguments against imposing a no-fly zone are many and convincing. 

Given the appalling track records of those within the United States and Europe who are loudest in their calls for intervention, 

it might be tempting to dismiss those inside Libya who are calling for a no-fly zone as naïve, or worse, stooges of U.S. empire. 

But the challenge for those who oppose Western intervention is how to show meaningful solidarity with a people engaged in a nationwide struggle for liberation.

 In the words of one Benghazi resident I spoke to: “What’s happening today here in Libya and across the Arab world 

is a struggle to achieve the real end of colonialism, to finally rid 

ourselves of authoritarian rulers who are unaccountable to their 

people and have been propped up by foreign powers.”

Anjali Kamat is an independent radio and print journalist and a producer for Democracy Now!.

3:32am: Crowdsourced Googlemap of violence by #Gaddafi loyalists against protesters in Libya by Google
File 9446


also there is a new link I've just come across    it is a website from the Libyan Youth Movement of Febuary 17 ______________________________________
It contains twitter feeds, information, videos,