the the dog that didn't bark

   It    was the famous dog that didn't bark ~ the jewel in the crown ... the most brutal regime in the region ...  demonstrators won't be allowed...

Chomsky Cardiff UK 12th Mar 2011
by Joe Sweetman
2 days ago

 always  Noam Chomsky drives   his points home by under s tatment     ~. no shouting no flailing of hands just rolling out facts  ,,  statements  ,,   reminding  ,,   and connecting one event and in this case, the non event   and as he rounds up  the story he brings us into and closer to a true history of what is happening now... no one is left out of the picture . His voice,  always low,  key expresses again and again  with that  subtle sarcasm  underlying it,  , the euphemism  and absurdities of power . The double talk and triple talk used by men of power,  none escape his notice. He connects all thing s in the Middle East to the question of American hegemony.

Now does that make it all true?  is he right about every single point?
     That's another story