the war machine


                                                               The war machine  .

                      it's  grand world
                                                                 ain't it?


Robert Fisk Prophert of gloom or humble and accurate forecaster?  
He was not a humble President

Assad: The Arab Spring stops heRe 


_____________________> A dictator says Over my Dead Body!----------------------------

O organs of State and shit delivered down the pipleines of death!

 Not a guy you'd want over to your local poetry recital  now would you?
his semiosis is death and control the grip of someone's who had 60 people killed in a fortnight.

__________________________________ Mister Nomad and Mis ter Sedentary Empire builders 

. Across the looming skies of deterritorialization reterritoralizing its own deaths.

ghonim#Syria Army killing peaceful protestors who were chanting "Army & People are united" [extremely graphic] http://bit.ly/gNoqyp (expand)
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The big bad wolf of Syria   

It is all too easy for Madame Clinton to berate Syria for killing its own people – a phrase she does not, of course, use for Bahrain – but

the Americans need Syria to extract their last troops from Iraq. It is

also easy to turn Syria's problems into sectarianism. Nikolaos Van

Dam, a brilliant Dutch diplomat, wrote a fine book emphasising that

the struggle for power in Syria lay with the Alawites and that this

minority effectively governed the country.
Yet Syria has always remained a unitary state, and it has complied with the 

West's demands for security co-operation – until the Americans came across 

the border into Syria and shot up a Syrian security agent's house. So compliant 

has it been that the US actually sent a poor Canadian to Damascus – 

"renditioned", in the popular phrase – to be atrociously tortured and kept in a 

sewer until the Americans realised he was innocent and sheepishly allowed him 

to return to Toronto

These, needless, to say, are not issues which are going to be discussed on the television news shows or by the 
US Secretary of State – who is so concerned about the innocents of Libya that her air force is bombing 

Gaddafi but is so little concerned about the innocents of Syria that her air force will definitely not be bombing 

Syria needs to be renewed. It does need an end to emergency laws, a free 

media and a fair judiciary and the 

release of political prisoners and – herewith let it be said – an end to meddling 

in Lebanon. 

That figure of 60 

dead, a Human Rights Watch estimate, may in fact be much higher.

 Tomorrow, President Bashar al-Assad 

will supposedly tell us his future for Syria.

                                                It better be good.