Missing .. agency and alternative ... .

Missing: Agency and Alternative in the Anti-Intervention Critique
 by N. El Najjar

What would your articles have said when   Benghazi   turned in to Dresden? Would you still be
       talking about reinforcing a narrative if the city  lay in ruins and  tens of thousands were slaughtered?

It is difficult to fathom the Libyan people thanking the world for not  falling in to Gaddafi’s trap

(a narrative and trickery  which Libyan’s have not embraced).

It is even more difficult to fathom the  leftist academic approach of addressing moral
bankruptcy by allowing Gaddafi to have his trap both ways – by either keeping a NFZ from being considered (from fears  of aiding his  rhetoric and allowing him to bomb cities) or by the West attributing to his narrative (even as    they keep cities from   being bombed).

What are we then led to believe, is the  alternative just as morally bankrupt of a
narrative that  Libyans actually do not know what is best for then ?!

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