A Long HaRd Way

                    Palestine’s own spring


Still a long hard road to( Arab democracy)

Palestinian refugees demonstrated along Israel’s border in

                                                           Mayday Mayday MayDayMayday Mayday MayDayy Mayday MayDayMayday Mayday MayDay

May, inspired by the Arab protests, response

 Fatah-Hamas impasse

'images' of 'Palestinians'   mass     massed at Israel’s borders on

                 15 May represented a dream for some,  a nightmare for others.                   On the 63rd anniversary of the declaration of the Jewish state and of the 
 Goan cross that land cross that land ya once called home your home

nakba (catastrophe) for the many thousands of Palestinians expelled from their homes, demonstrators from Syria (1), Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza converged on the promised land.
                                           the promised land
                                                            the promised land
                                      the promised land 

They were only a few thousand but the
world wondered happend to Millions to few thousands

world wondered what would happen if

what would? happen? if millions were shot were shot we shot millions

                                in the promised land in the land of milk and honey of mink and mobs of diamonds and bombs

  What about your god and their god and their clothes and yours?

                                                         what would happen promised land?

millions marched peacefully to the
 to the borders and walls next time

borders and walls next time
your land is their land is my land from sea to shining sea to C to A to Z to                      See your land your refuge    ~

                          This land was made for You And Me 

words from

Palestine’s own spring-------------------Alain Gresh 

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