Parts 3 and Four departing parting

Dig more of Mister Felix the G cat talking and how cool he is ..how composed yet alive responding with a little saunter here and there to his thought ... the question taking him alwayz to another movement ...

We don't know the context of these interviews however, they strike me as being from the early 90's.

 To me Felix Guattari was one of the best speakers of his generation speaker of ideas:
no need to exalt writing or any other particular semiotic above

another this is the rhizome in action

video There are those who want us to believe that a particular style or method of discourse is higher and superior to others that one must achieve this reputed style before going on to others.... but this is Not the case

each one follows her own routes going off the track in whatever direction of creation and co-creating works..   we are collective collectings.. ensemble our combinatories, our agencies of desire and minoration    ~