• The former captain of the Philadelphia police, Ray Lewis, joined Occupy Wall Street. He is seen here after his arrest on November 17. Philadelphia's police training captain, Ray Lewis, HAS joined Occupy Wall Street. He Is Seen here, After His arrest on November 17th.

    Retired police captain Ray Lewis WAS Arrested and handcuffed in full uniform.


    Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay is publicly pleading with Occupy Montreal to pack up their things and go home. Citing a lack of “peace and security”, Tremblay said “The time has co


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    Mapping Occupy Montreal’s Indignation

    [Montréal, Québec, Canada -3°C] Occupy Montréal is not in its 35th day with below zero temperatures. As other occupations in other Canadian and American cities get violently evicted from their encampment, Montréal’s “indignated” continue onward. Support from people who are not actively living on-site is evident in the postcard below. the Occupy Montreal have also mapped out their encampment revealing an organized collectivity, despite the challenges.