Tokyo ______________the Proud__Guattari in Japan


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The year 1985 saw the publication of Guattari’s conversations andco-authored papers with Japanese dancer Min Tanaka collected underthe title of 
Velocity of Light, Fire of Zen: Assemblage 1985


Tokyo, the Proud
Félix Guattar
Félix Guattari visited Japan on a number of occasions during the 1980s.These visits consisted of invited lectures and a series of conversationsand collaborations with Japanese intellectuals, artists, and architects.His collaborative writings with Deleuze, particularly the
books, began to appear in Japanese translation in the late1970s. By the mid-eighties, however,
was available for Japanese readers.
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One is struck by the image of Guattari wandering around the nocturnal cityfixated on the bright spectacle above his head. The same sense is found inhis
, this time with respect to the dense, hypermodern commercialdistrict in Tokyo, Shinjuku: “The buildings of Shinjuku traversed from top tobottom by parallel neon bars.” (

. In the same year,the colourful volume
Tokyo Theatre: Guattari in Tokyo
appeared. Thisvolume includes the present translation. It also contains multiple con-tributions by leading Japanese intellectuals, especially ‘neo-academicist’types like Akira Asada who were inspired by Deleuze and Guattari’sphilosophy in the first two volumes of 
Capitalism and Schizophrenia
A distinction needs to be made between the translations of Frenchpublications and the original Japanese editions of writings by, about andwith ‘Ferikkusu Gatari’. Guattari’s main translator, Masaaki Sugimurafrom Ryuukoku University in Kyoto, is less-well known within theglobal Deleuzian scene in comparison to Kuniichi Uno from theUniversity of Tokyo who was lead translator of Deleuze and Guattari’s
Mille Plateaux
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