____ComBinatOries UnSeen Directions and Flight_________________'Negative Space: Recombinación, Redirección Y Escape


 An Exciting  and novel place ____ of thought and a  series of reconsiderings of the usual paradigms;a  combinatory paradigging a 'matic' that disrupts our normative poses.....

____________________________________-Assembled and written by Noko Within

who writes  from Spain  that   "~The order of construction from one to two is enverso and not inverse-----------"------------

Negative Space: Recombinación, Redirección Y Escape: Recombinación, Redirección Y Escape Recombinación : acto de combinar. La recombinación supone la unión entre puntos y cúmulos ...Recombination: Act S___________________combine. Recombination involves 

the union between points and clusters of points, such as the union of particles forming an atmosphere or the gravitational accumulation of stars forming a Nebula. The Nebula is the space that surrounds the small spaces of centralization and decentralization. It is the "multidirección" turning on itself, a spiral with many branches waiting to be linked with other nuclear items.  

But nuclear is a fiction because the address lines that rotate on themselves in spiral do not imply the unilateral direction Center, but multilateral.

See for yourself Readers.

Use machines  and "enversions" to refix and create  multilateral connectings. use the gerund
form in grammar to creative re_nodes.