the guattari complex__: __________________4

Go schizo sk ll

Go and continue where you are ~

"In civilizations without boats," Michel Foucault remarked in a 1967 lecture, "dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure, and the police take the place of pirates."

That is what I heard, and you know me, I am a real pirate. So my word

is reliable , snarls the smile.  Snarls the smile of wink wink.


Pick yer dream boat Ladies and Gents!

Sink ship and swim

the rim is floatin

in the edge of doom

presage of abyss


Rarhrah hollers the Sea King

Neptune a barking up yer arse!

under the depths

creeping along the bottom

crackles the cackle creature

wading n waitin for yer dead

long long long its waited

for yer head

its ancient sea bed infinite

foal of ships, navies, whale bones

and walrus ware,

stolen capes, gold lace and pearl

sneak along the benthos

with Levi Adman Adam an night lady Eve

or her bisexual cousin Lilith my sweet sweet heart!

I am a homosexual in the day

a darling dare at night

a smoke at the sunset

a millionaire at the boulevard

waitin' for the quake.

What quake she hissy fits me?

queries my eye, hissy fits

the wench flirts her face says

come to my weathers


O this day of dying drill

you'll undie your heros flanks .

the guattari complex__: ____________Go______4