As_ generals . jerks, and war/ civil strife

The Grand Scam: Spinning Egypt’s Military Coup

Every coup d’état in history begins with a military General announcing the overthrow and arrest of the country’s leader, the suspension of the constitution, and the dissolution of the legislature. If people resist, it turns bloody. Egypt is no exception.

Capitalism haunts all societies /as do the warmachine mastersignifiers
 The MOLAR MACHINE the CruNChing Death the MouthMaw of the MachiNERoar devouring anything its in path including / in the end/its own Teethsoldiers/ A Monstrous hellbdeath GNasHing dating back to the oldest of human existence.

What machine is this ? its  a sick disease from Outer Space/ Some  Lunactic Ismisimus imported from where?
Mars?  another unknown planet o f diseaed dead ghosts? whatshit soldiers rerun from dead cans of old soapoperas have monstrized the present moment /capturing the Earth day smashing the Earth night

there has never been an army that wasn't going to put somebody down sooner or later./people idealize these things thinking/they're to do 'good' / talk to young soldiers/ after returning from war areas/ they don't see it the same/  ______________________________________

and the variois delusions they foster are infinite/ efforts to justify/massacre n mayhem

'One never escapes the economy of war”
—Jacques Derrida



Nietzsche says; churches, armies, States - which of all these dogs

wants to die? (AO, 70-1/74)



________________and if the people follow the Army, or lead it
by following it?

we know this is not dissimlar to what happened in Germany

with the 'volk' __ when was the last time a people marching behind an Army was trustworth
  we know there are hidden armies behind these armies slinking around the backchannels
and doors funneling the loot 
to the boot

howling around for their  tank Army
and what

( and the 'coup that was not but was' it was only aN AppeArance of one ) one can't really one novelists for the truth!

that led to.

------------So if a guy
dressed like a general

(deluded no doubt as any other madman) 
                                        Appearing in televisual

                                                                asking the 'people' t o
support him

against this
against that

he resembles a tinpot dictator
Sisi this
Sisi that
 Sissy siSSy
rhyme with Morsi

and less seee---------  it sounds like ss 

So which of the three headed dogs wishes to die then?



and nowadays

it's the Army that's the biggest bad dog

if armies want to thrown down their guns, and other paraphenial then here might be

an army of love


As hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Cairo on Friday in the competing rallies, there was another, much smaller protest on the opposite bank of the Nile at Sphinx square. Several dozen men and women gathered in the afternoon to voice their opposition to the both the military and the Brotherhood, billing their rally as the 'Third Square.'
"I'm not sure what the solution is but I know we can't return to the way the Brotherhood were ruling and we can't go back to military rule either," says Shaimaa Said, a 33-year-old Cairo resident. She hold up a poster with the faces of both Morsi and al-Sisi crossed out and the caption underneath them: 'Down with religious fascism. Down with military fascism.'
Beside her stands 29-year-old Hanan Abdel Gazar. "We want to continue the January 25 revolution. First the Brotherhood stole it from us so we protested them on June 30. Now the army is stealing it."
 Sharif Abdel Kouddous is an independent journalist based in Cairo. He is a Democracy Now! correspondent and a fellow at The Nation Institute

an account

Rabea, the day after