We were never _ Memoirs of a Schizoanalyst 1988

We, were never Jungian. How could we be? that would have been to exchange one stupidity for another? To free oneself of the dogmatic assertions of Lacan and Freud to trade them for the dreamy eyed archetypal fantasist Jung and his neo-Calvinist machines disguised as yet another 'universal' unconscious? A sneaky way to get transcendence back in!

Come! let us praise mountains and Hesse and Magister Ludi. But not give way to the blindness of the Swiss  doctor of  'Man and his Symbols'!

Jung needed a good dose of Dada! and Joyce to wake him up! his achievements were not in his ideas but his practice,

              _his theories ! ha ! a praxis of repression presented as a system of notions, and cobbled together from half borrowed ideas in alchemy!

None of which was wrong in itself but Jung like Freud suffered from the need to rationalize and justify his ideas to a scientific hard ass idea of the world and its contents, its constituents. So he believed it, he held his own fiction to be true! truth, is like the unconscious it's to be produced, invented and recreated by the necessities of a given situation and is not some unalterable 'i idée fixe' of a Platonic heaven      neither the original of Plato's nor that  conceived in of the fairy tale of a universal unconscious.

----------------  to be continued

My inventivenss and Deleuze's nev er lay in that direction.....

We were creators, not second degree returnees of the dead!

Poor Jung! A reasonably good practice and a smart analyst but a terrible theoretician!