re media review canadian elections


Richard Seymour who writes for the 'esteemed' Guardian has   given his 2 cent

opinion about Canada and Canadian democracy which he has no first hand knowledge of and has no personal experience and which he describes in the usual boring left/right dualities machinations.

 same old story __ the old world, literally in this case, the Brits going on babbling about Canada, which is  like and unlike and resembles  the United states of America  and for that matter all of Central and South American are the

but in no way does Canada resemble or RE ASSemBle England/EUrope. F'Rance (id)  But it is the

future and the body itself of immanence __ with Russia  (but russia too is liable to being bogged down in its infinite burials of its tragic millions dead)   and China   (its temptation to Walls visible and invisible   )   ____ and other chunks of the globe _like___ But Russia Asia where do they lines of Flight spring and Fragment from ?  Are they there at all? are they Likelyand Possible?   __ these continentsChina Africa all continents somewhat similar to Europe somwhat different

____ But North American South America the Centreal Americas the Carribean islands all ___ the countries of schizo flight and experiment and ____________________________

Ireland which is not strictly European as it never conquered anyone not even itself__ It's Europe with

its vicious history of conquest and colonialism and  the nasty Middle East that is backward outdated

and bound to its history, even its history of the left so called that is being left behind. Canada is an experiment. 

  Eudorepaans__ Not its not a typo but an experiment ___ havent got a clue with their tiny little                                                                                                                                                

countries and their tiny little paranoid politics. European are so backward they havent even got up yet 

with their best thinkers and philosophers.   I pity the poor Europeans  stuck in their stinky                                                                   transcendence and dirty politics of the past. their murderous history ever coming back to stink them up : media review canadian elections

  No no mister Sigmore the time for lefty right euro Banalysis is  g'over the told old tropes is deaf/dead.