to deploy https ...Enjoy your HTTPS

    i've decided to use https on the blogs and this is line with what was already recommended a few years back at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

the following is an excerpt from a longer article at their site which was written before blog spot offered https ... in spite of some hesitations i had about this decision  raised in my previous posting...

 I still have some concerns about it, however for the time being I am going with it. besides it looks like blogspot  does redirect htttp blogs to https  and rightly so, however, blogspot is also encouraging people to switch to google chrome which i've no interest in doing...

 Anyone reading  this might wonder what any of this has to do with The Guattari  Complex as a blog situating itself toward Felix Guattari's ideas,

and I would suggest there are  at least
1 or more reasons why

Blog work is a type of inter-face between the actual physical of books and their traditioanlly designed construction of privacy and ownership,

 one cld. describe that as a Molar concern __ Book being a traditioanl arborescent model of the world,
whereas the

Blog operates under via other princinples which by pass the construct of a book and its notion of ownership and privacy,

       ______________A blog at least as I saw it, is a line or even several lines of flight
                          themselves 'fleeing' in varied directions and different speeds,
                              none of these are things which a book   normally engages in

  anyhow, seeing as blogs are a form of publciation in the molecular or let's say between teh molecular and molar modes of passage
over the realms of Chaosmosis one wants to be assured to some extent  , over
at least what's possible

that your readers are seeing,

what you put out there,

and not being hijacked or gimmicked into false sites,

 which seems more likely using HTTp connection

so it's Https now baby!

   That being said I won't be changing over to Chrome browser anytime soon.

 if at all,      On the other hand, the blogs do look good in Chrome but working directly in chrome browser doesn't suit what I am doiing, and I prefer Firefox's less corporate and more open source approach to these things,

   and so,

 and so that's all for now folks!

! Enjoy your HTTPS!

How to Deploy HTTPS Correctly

Originally published on 15 Nov 2010. Revised on 12 Dec 2013.
Internet technologists have always known that HTTP is insecure, causing many risks to users. Because HTTP traffic is unencrypted, any data sent over HTTP can be read and modified by anyone who has access to the network. As revealed by the Snowden NSA surveillance documents, HTTP traffic can also be collected and searched by government agencies without notice to users or webmasters. Given these risks, EFF believes that every website should support HTTPS on all pages as soon as possible.

How to Deploy HTTPS Correctly