'Srebrenica Genocide Kingpin Becomes Literary Villain '


"Beara, who was the chief of security of Bosnian Serb Army’s main staff during wartime, was “the central villain of the Srebrenica genocide” because he approached the planning and execution of the killings as a “serious and responsible job”, Djikic said.

“The genocide largely rested on Beara’s organisational skills and the power of his authority, and therefore he was not a mere executor, but co-creator and chief operational organiser of the genocide,” he explained.

“It was him who… conceived and took key actions in the organisation and execution of the genocide, and that means that he sought out those who would kill, determined the location used for the killing; coordinated the mobilisation of hundreds of buses and trucks for the transport of prisoners to camps and execution sites, and found the machinery and people to dig mass graves,” he added. -

Djikic, 39, worked as a journalist from 1997 onwards for Croatian anti-establishment weekly Feral Tribune and until recently was the editor-in-chief at the weekly newspaper Novosti, where he currently works as a journalist again.

His interest in Srebrenica began over a decade ago; since then he has read over 100,000 court documents on the case.

By talking to people who had personal or business contacts with Beara, Djikic’s book tries to explore the colonel’s life before the wars started in 1991.