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October 5 2005 - January 9 2006
11h00 - 21h00

Gallery 1

Late-night openings on Thursdays (until 11.00 pm)

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This exhibition spans Dada's various expressions as they materialised in Zurich, Berlin, Hanover, Cologne, Paris and New York between 1916 (when Zurich saw Cabaret Voltaire open) and 1924 (when most Dadaist groups disbanded or changed direction). This is the first nothing-but-Dada-by-Dada exhibition – dedicated to one of the historical avant-garde's most influential movements.

Commissaires / organisateurs:
Mnam/Cci - Laurent Le Bon


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See you all there ! there see you all all see there you.
Flight out of Time_ Hugo Ball.

Tristan Tzara's 1918 manifesto _ the antidialectic . In one breath saying different things coming out of one Mouth. Thought's made in the __ dans le Bouche. What gender was that?
what dialect, what idiolect patois was this?
O dada O mama __

I Felix-Guattari the Seconde tell you, Ball and Tzara said these things before the philosopher and the analyst had. Arrive before Departure _ Arp. Alas our good old Kaspar is dead. I read poetry with a drum. Boom Boom he took his head off. Language beams. Dada the non-ideological movement. Movement of programme not school, each artist creates out of a true necessity _ not a follower but a walker __ bloom boom. the sheets of the tailor are ribboned with tail and tale to tell its sealed rent the garment's broke and the pants are stuck. ! sheep of cow and break of clod .

A word signifying nothing and everything, zen of art and literature, of the superb freedom of the mind he called poetry. Note the word freedom and not the desire to repress desire the desire to always repress desire in one self one's selves and others. to deny them their space. to cut. no this is not the dada flight the film of freedom linked to Never Work and the walk across the planet. Not one grand theory today is not derived from its humble
start in Cabaret Voltaire Zurich 1916.