In girum imus nocte|et consumimur igni

G.D. smoking

Contre le cinema _

take off oyur clothes next time.

detourne the instant of its reach

why fail a t this if failure's a category

of the other

'posed on us

Contre le cinema _

the body is a tragedy

the eye is a tragedy

but no , i t is the surveyer

the killer from on 'high'


it might still possible to detourne collage's become

like the whoring ofthe body __

or the infinite spectacle of
object commodities

the other body
the hurt one
with its flaws scars and breakages

its always breaking down

breaking 'down'
but why down?

why not breaking up?
up so the pieces can fly in a new direction

as this floating glorified typewriter

what speedis this that dies?

hospitals are death marts